Video: Shisha Better than Cigarettes?

Which is better for your health, shi sha or cigarettes? This is the question that Khalid Al Ameri attempts to answer in his latest viral video.

Al Ameri is one of the most popular vloggers in the UAE. In his most recent video, he makes a comparison between two pastimes: smoking shi sha and smoking cigarettes. Would you like to know what he says? Keep on reading to find out!

Screenshots from Khalid Al Ameri FB Page

Emirati Vlogger Compares Shi Sha & Cigarettes

The first part of the video shows Al Ameri carrying shi sha paraphernalia. “I know what you’re thinking,” he says. “Khalid, you smoke?!”

“I don’t smoke. I quit ages ago,” he explains. “This is just shi sha! It’s actually HEALTHIER for you!”

The vlogger then proceeds to enumerate the reasons why shi sha is apparently good for the health. He mentions that the water at the bottom purifies the smoke of any toxins. He also cites that it is fruit-based; plus, it uses coal which is natural and organic.

“Several health experts have stated that the breathing exercises that you conduct while simultaneously smoking shi sha actually does a great job in reducing stress and blood pressure,” he adds. “So it’s good for your health.”

Screenshot from Khalid Al Ameri FB Page

Good for Your Health… Really?!
In the second part of the video, however, Al Ameri suddenly makes a 180-degree turn. “I can’t do this anymore,” he grins. “Look, let’s just call shi sha what it is.”

“It is bad for you. It contains tar, it contains nicotine. It contains chemicals that can cause cancer,” he states. “I have read reports that smoking shi sha for one hour is equivalent to anywhere between 40 to 400 cigarettes! Shi sha has the same negative health effects as cigarettes and it also has the same negative health effects to secondhand smokers!”

He then addressed tourists who are planning to smoke shi sha for the “cultural experience.” “I’m going to tell you because other people won’t,” he warns. “It is bad for your health. And because shi sha is part of our (Arab) culture and our history, it seems to be given a free pass.”

“Here’s the truth. It is bad for you. It is bad for our health, it is bad for our environment, and it is bad for our communities,” he concludes. “And just because it’s part of our past, does not mean it should be part of our future.”

Watch the full video below:

So there you have it! Al Ameri makes some strong points about smoking shi sha and likens it to smoking cigarettes. How about you? Do you agree with what he says? Let us know in the comments below!

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