Viral Video: Do Muslims celebrate Christmas?

Do Muslims celebrate Christmas? This is a question raised by Emirati artist, Khalid Al Ameri, which is also relevant as plenty of expats are celebrating holidays in the United Arab Emirates. This video posted on Facebook has been circulating on social media and has since gone viral.

While the general answer is no (Christmas is not celebrated by Muslims), it is important to highlight and showcase to the rest of the world what December is like in a Muslim country like the United Arab Emirates. Khalid has given a quick but insightful look at Christmas in the UAE.

The video helps in educating the rest of the world about what it’s like for expats to live in a Middle East country like the UAE. As there are plenty of articles that tarnish the reputation of Middle East (due to what is shown on media as well). In the age of the internet and social media, videos like these are eye-openers and helps dispel notions of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

As a resident of the UAE for more than 4 years, I take pride in living in a country that celebrates diversity and high level of acceptance for other nationalities to practice their beliefs.

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When Muslims Celebrate Christmas by Khalid Al Ameri

Do muslims celebrate Christmas?

The quick answer is no, we don’t.

But here in the UAE, when Christmas time comes, this is what we do celebrate.

I celebrate that behind me. The Mary, mother of Jesus Mosque, is surrounded by not one, not two, not three, bur four churches that Christians from around the world can come and celebrate Christmas.

I celebrate that we can have a Christmas tree in the Middle of Abu Dhabi that everyone can enjoy.

We can celebrate ice in Abu Dhabi even though it doesn’t snow.

But the most important thing that we celebrate is here the ability to bring love, joy and happiness to anyone and everyone who comes here and calls this city home regardless of their culture, regardless of their religion

because in realitythere is a lot more that makes us similar than makes us different… and that is something to celebrate everyday.

Much love and God Bless. 

— Khalid Al Ameri

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