Learn These LDR-friendly Tips From Top Filipino Movies

Are you currently in a long-distance relationship? If you’re new in Dubai, whether you’re in the city for pleasure or work. LDR can be challenging, so whenever you’re feeling homesick and missing your loved one, you can learn a thing or two from these top Filipino movies on navigating an LDR and making it through!

100 Tula Para Kay Stella- Express your love

Are you into indie films? Then 100 Tula para kay Stella, directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, will make you laugh and cry! The protagonist, Fidel ( JC Santos), is the story’s focus. A student with a speech impediment attempts to write 100 love poems to Stella ( Bela Padilla), an aspiring rock musician. This film will make you long for the carefree days of your college years in the early 2000s and give you the confidence to confess your feelings for the one you love finally.

Since most LDRs succeed through open communication, this is the message of the film’s tagline: Sabihin mo na (Say it now). A healthy relationship can be maintained by speaking your partner’s love language and showing affection through gifts. The movie stars Bela Padilla and JC Santos, who started their love team! You can watch 366 if you can’t get enough of them on screen!


Love or Money- Compromise with your partner


Angelica Panganiban and Coco Martin in one movie featuring the beautiful tourist spots in Dubai? It’s undoubtedly going to be a rollercoaster ride of laughter and crying! If you’re new to the city, watching the Love or Money movie is a great way to introduce you to OFW life. 


Mae Czarina Cruz Alviar, whose previous credits include the box office hits Unbreakable and Crazy, Beautiful You is this film’s director. The protagonist, Leon ( Coco Martin), is a regular guy with ordinary aspirations who still conducts himself with pride and integrity throughout the film. His primary motivation for staying in the city is to work hard and accumulate money to return to his family in the Philippines. Later that night, though, he runs into a woman he knows: Angel Dela Cerna (Angelica Panganiban), his polar opposite of a fiancée. It’s important to consider in a relationship and to compromise if your partner has strong values that align with one another, even if your personalities are different from each other, to make your relationship work.


On The Wings of Love- Be true to yourself

How can you not know On the Wings of Love? It’s one of the most famous Filipino shows in 2015; the story revolves around Leah( Nadine Lustre), who marries Clark ( James Reid) to get a green card visa. If you need a comfort series to watch while you’re away from home, let this series entertain you! You’ll get plenty of relationship lessons from the show, from learning to trust your partner, being true to yourself, and fighting for true love! If you’re a true blue Jadine fan since their Diary ng Pangit days, then you’ll love watching them in this series! 


First Yaya- Become a better version of yourself

This 2021 Filipino romantic comedy series will have you swooning. The show follows Melody Reyes (Sanya Lopez), a regular gal who lives a spectacular life as the nanny to the kids of Philippine Vice President Glenn Acosta, who is a widower ( Gabby Concepcion). If you enjoyed Sanya and Gabby Concepcion’s chemistry in the first season, you should tune in to the second season of First Lady. You’ll learn in the series how to fight for your relationship amidst the chaos, deal with societal expectations, and become a better version of yourself for your partner and working around each others differences, even if you’re near or far away from them!


One More Chance- Love unconditionally

Craving for some John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo tandem? Watching hugot Filipino movies no doubt will make you feel all the feels! One More Chance, this iconic movie about Popoy and Basha, has become a part of Filipino pop culture. You’ll probably be mouthing lines of Popoy and cry yourself to sleep, wishing your jowa ( boyfriend or girlfriend) was with you! Nevertheless, you’ll learn a lot from this hugot film, from forgiving your partner unconditionally, accepting each other’s flaws, and navigating an on-and-off relationship. You can watch A Second Chance, the sequel to this film if you want to see what happened to their story, and a few things you’ll learn from the sequel is why you should not be an OFW and navigate marriage.


Wildflower-Avoid toxic behaviors

Wildflower will blow your mind, even if you normally avoid mushy shows and films. Lily Cruz( Maja Salvador) and her family are targeted by the cruel Ardientes, and the plot centers around their plight. To avenge her parents and all those wronged by the terrible Ardiente family, she has returned to Poblacion Ardiente as Ivy. Retributive angst, with a touch of “gone girl” atmosphere. The series will teach you how to recognize the red and green flags in a relationship, avoid self-sabotaging behaviors while in a long-distance partnership, and much more. You can’t get enough of the love triangle between the main characters!


My Korean Jagiya- Set realistic expectations


If you love Kdramas, then you’ll love My Korean Jagiya since it stars Heart Evangelista and Alexander Lee! Gia (Heart), who has constantly been ridiculed for being the next old maid in her family, is a massive fan of Korean dramas and is determined to meet her idol, the now-retired Korean superstar Kim Jun-ho ( Alexander).

She accepts a scholarship to attend training in Seoul at the behest of her school to track down Jun-ho but returns home empty-handed. When she returns to Manila, she rescues an intoxicated Korean man being attacked by thugs; it turns out that the man is Jun-ho. You’ll also feel like you’re touring South Korea with this series! You’ll learn how to navigate a complicated relationship, LDR, deal with cultural differences, and more! Real life is different from Kdramas!


A Very Special Love- Grow individually


Another John Lloyd movie is on this list, featuring Filipino superstar Sarah Geronimo for a reason. This trilogy movie will teach you an abundance of relationship advice, from what not to do during an LDR, how to grow individually even if you’re apart, dealing with adulting, and more! The plot revolves around Laida Magtalas, an editorial assistant who started working with her longtime crush Miguel Montenegro.