5 Reasons Dubai is a Great and Safe Haven for Artists

Dubai is a fantastic city that immensely supports artistic and cultural development. You can see the evidence by walking around Dubai and seeing numerous architectural and art pieces in every corner of the city. 

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At the same time, Dubai still preserves its national culture and art implanted in its Islamic roots. If you’re an artist who plans to visit Dubai for wants to get inspiration or refuel your creativity, Here are the top five irresistible reasons for you to hop on the plane and visit Dubai! Get ready to breathe in the colorful and inspiring vibe of the city! 


If there is one thing the city of Dubai is known for in the world aside from the “City of Gold,” it would be the fun and exciting adventures this city will boundlessly offer you; definitely, something to write about or take photos of! 

If you haven’t fully experienced Dubai, you haven’t tried sky diving, where you can see the gorgeous aerial view of the human-made archipelago Palm Jumeirah or ride and swim the numerous pool slides at the Aquaventure in Atlantis.

The desert safari is one of the local tourist attractions, and it’s likely straight out of a 1,001 Arabian night’s story. Wherein you will experience the thrill of cruising along the dunes. If you’re looking for a less extreme adventure, you can chill by parasailing in Jumeirah Beach Hotel or walking along the La Mer Beach, formerly known as Jumeirah Public Beach. 

The never ending adventures in Dubai will give you an adrenaline rush that will surely make you more creative and inspired than ever. Once you land in Dubai, know that you will have the time of your life!


The city is home to several famous and inspiring people known to the world as the late Founder of UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Huda Kattan, content creator Khalid Al Ameri, the CEO of Huda Beauty, the most famous makeup line in the world; Michael Cinco, the renowned Filipino fashion designer, Shah Rukh Khan the Bollywood actor. Even Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015 titleholder, has fallen in love with the city during her explorations!

Dubai comprises 90% of expats from all over the world and 10% of the locals called Emiratis. The culture is a fusion of different traditions from different ethnicities living in Dubai; this made the city more diverse and colorful than ever!

The large community of expats living in Dubai has become a melting pot of cultures and traditions. Who says Europe is the only continent where most artists go to? Dubai is also eye candy for artists and digital nomad freelancers alike with its abundance of book cafes, coworking spaces, floral cafes, and restaurants, all eager to give you a newfound source of inspiration.


There’s no shortage of artists in the city to hone and showcase their art and crafts. If you’re creative wanting to try on new mediums, there are numerous workshops and classes for you to choose from. This city is overflowing with fun yet artistic activities, like dance classes, writing workshops, theater classes, and many more! You can also visit the historical Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi Fort. 

You can also appreciate modern architecture like Burj Al Khalifa, The Frame, and other beautiful mosques on every street corner.  Dubai is well known for being a stage for international acts of musical stars from all over the world, from Justin Bieber to Nancy Ajram. You’l also fall in love with Arabic musicians while you’re in the city since it will fully immerse you in Arabic culture.

If you’re looking for musical inspiration, there are plenty of music festivals, concerts, and shows in the city!



Your trip to Dubai wouldn’t be complete without tasting the many international and local cuisines ready to satisfy your appetite. Dine in luxury at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Arabic restaurants to European ones, or enjoy a delicious brunch meal at the IKEA in Festival City. If you’re looking for some vegetarian bites, there’s Mint Leaf of London for you! If you’re looking for one of the best Japanese sushi rolls in town, visit Mizu Restaurant in downtown Dubai near Dubai Mall!

For coffee lovers, you can enjoy a cup of hot Arabic coffee in the historical Dubai Coffee Museum tucked away in the Al Fahidi district.

 The shawarma should be on your food bucket list since it’s the one of the most classic yet delicious cheap eat you can savor in Dubai! Just visit the local Indian cafeteria or Arabic restaurant near you with a milkshake to complete the meal! Experience the ultimate foodgasm you have never experienced before! Your culinary experience in the city can help you write the best food blog post you’ve ever written or take countless envious food Instagram photos that your followers will enjoy!


If Paris has the Eiffel Tower, New York has the statue of liberty; the Philippines have the Banaue Rice terraces, Egypt has the Pyramids, then Dubai has the Burj Al Khalifa. Not just that but many more architectures and tourist spots all over the city! 

Just like any other city, Dubai also has magnificent places a traveler can dream of visiting. Burj Al Arab is a five-star hotel in Jumeirah that has become one of the famous skyscrapers near Jumeirah beach. Then there’s the Dubai Miracle Garden, a flower garden located in Dubailand.

 Tourists visit this garden, housing 109 million species of flowers, making it the world’s most extensive natural flower garden. There’s also another tourist attraction you can visit, and that is the spectacular Fountain show in Dubai mall. The city of Dubai is a haven for explorers and artists all over the world!

There you have the five reasons why Dubai can inspire you as an artist! So what are you waiting for? Fly to Dubai and get your creative juices flowing or not just for the sake of revenge travel. If you haven’t been to this hustling and bustling city, then you should consider it!