IN PHOTOS: Simple and Heartfelt Gesture as Dubai Hands Out White Roses to Lebanese Residents

Simple but sweet and heartfelt gesture from Dubai as Dubai welcomes back Lebanese residents with white roses at the Dubai Airport. This is a gesture of support for the Lebanese people after a deadly blast occurred in Beirut last week.

The blast left many people in Beirut devastated with dozens dead, thousands injured and even more who lost their homes.

Flowers for Lebanese Expats as they Arrive in Dubai Airport

The UAE has already sent tonnes of medical emergency aid to Beirut days after the blast and this is another gesture showing that the emirate is in solidarity as Lebanon is facing this tragedy.

Below are some pictures shared by Dubai Media Office showing that Dubai cares for these residents.

dubai gives lebanese flowers
Image: Dubai Media Office
dubai flowers for lebanon passengers
Image: Dubai Media Office
lebanon flowers from dubai
Image: Dubai Media Office
dubai lebanese get flowers
Image: Dubai Media Office
flowers from dubai to lebanon
Image: Dubai Media Office
dubai flowers to lebanese arrival
Image: Dubai Media Office

The country of Lebanon is still having difficulties as of the moment. This is really a heartwarming and thoughtful act that Dubai has shown to Lebanese in these hard times.

In a Tweet from Dubai Airports, CEO, Paul Griffiths said: “@DubaiCustoms’ initiative to give flowers to passengers arriving from Beirut [shows the]spirit of kindness at the heart of the aviation community.I’m sure it has provided some measure of comfort for the Lebanese passengers during these very difficult times.”