HH Sheikh Mohammed Rescues Tourists Stuck in Desert

This year may mark the Year of Zayed, but the Year of Giving still remains, especially through the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum — whose recent actions will touch your heart!

A group of tourists had ventured out into the desert of Dubai, when their vehicle got stuck while offroading in the dunes. It just so happened that the Ruler of Dubai was passing by, and he himself initiated the efforts to help pull the vehicle out of the dunes.

Ruler of Dubai Rescues Desert-Stranded Tourists

One of the tourists was Hanna Karen Arroyo, a Mexican tourist who shared about the incident on her Twitter account:

Arroyo recalls that the Ruler of Dubai, along with his team, was passing by when he saw their vehicle stuck in the dunes. Immediately, he ordered his associates to help pull their vehicle out of the sand.

In one photo, a young boy can be seen running towards the tourists while another man was about to hook a cable to HH Sheikh Mohammed’s vehicle, with the car plate “Dubai No. 1.”

The team pulled the stranded vehicle out of the dunes. Grateful for his help, the tourists asked to have a picture taken with the Ruler of Dubai. One photo shows them standing by the road together with HH Sheikh Mohammed.

HH Sheikh Mohammed’s Kind Gesture
This is actually not the first time that the Ruler of Dubai helped desert-stranded tourists. A few months ago, he helped three foreign women whose motorbike broke down in the desert.

Meanwhile, the latest incident has also been re-tweeted by an Arabic news site, Erem News:

It’s not everyday that we see a high-ranking leader go out of his way to help a group of strangers. His kind gesture and helpful spirit make HH Sheikh Mohammed a very admirable leader, indeed! In this next article, read more about why the Ruler of Dubai is among the most followed leaders on social media.