Helpful Tips on How You Can Find a Community in Dubai

Are you new to Dubai? Then you’re probably enjoying the fascinating skyscrapers, indulging in the mouthwatering food in floral cafes or restaurants, and continuously exploring the city. Moving to Dubai has highs and lows, and when the excitement goes down and reality kicks in, you’ll find yourself feeling lost, overwhelmed, and confused in navigating the city and dealing with not being in your comfort zone.

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To avoid feeling homesick and get your priorities straight without getting lost in the glitz and glam Dubai can offer. Finding a community where you can thrive, learn, and grow as a person in the city is essential for finding your footing and slowly but surely assimilating and calling Dubai your home away from home.

1. Get to know people in your area

It’s easier said than done to gain friends quickly in a new environment, but as the adage goes, no man is an island; therefore, you have to be active in having friends or at least getting to know the people where you live, like your neighbors. If you’re housemates, then find a way to interact with them and genuinely make a connection so that you won’t feel lonely.

You’ll quickly learn your way around in Dubai if people recommend the best cafes to visit or where you can go to the nearest salon. If you’re job hunting, the people you share a house with can give you helpful tips and tricks or recommend you.

2. Socialize

Socializing can be challenging for introverts; however, there are plenty of ways for you to socialize without draining your socializing energy. You can meet your tribe in book cafes or the library, which can help make finding a community much more manageable.

You can also find your community in places or occasions you’re passionate about, like attending Bitcoin conferences or cosmetic product launches. The best thing about socializing in Dubai is you can meet people from around the world, introduce yourself to new opportunities, get to know other cultures, and make friends. 


3. Don’t pressure yourself

You don’t want to add fuel to the fire when finding a community in a new city. Moving abroad, whether for work or personal reasons, will always be challenging at the beginning, but once you find your footing, then it’ll be much easier. There are plenty of communities in Dubai but finding the right one can take time; after all, good things come to those who wait, right? So while you’re in the city, why don’t you enjoy and take your time to stop and smell the roses?


4. Familiarize yourself in the new surroundings

It’s never easy to familiarize yourself immediately in a new city, but you can observe your surroundings and take it one day at a time. If you’re a fast learner, you can easily know the ins and outs of the city and gain new friends in the process; however, if you’re not, it’s okay since slow and steady wins the race too!

Regardless of your pacing in familiarizing yourself, you can always explore on your own and see how things will unravel for you in Dubai. Lastly, you should trust the process or have faith in finding your community in the city.


5. Travel within the country

You’re probably an adventurer, so you’re staying in Dubai; there are plenty of tourist attractions you can visit beyond Dubai that you can explore. You can go to other emirates of the country like Abu Dhabi or visit Moon Lake in Al Qudra to unwind.

By traveling, you’ll meet new people that might be your new community. Traveling helps you get to know a city more and, at the same time, enjoy the process. You’ll see Dubai for what it is beyond the famous skyscrapers and its reputation for being a bitcoin hub. It is also a city where you can foster relationships along the way that can last even if you’re no longer a resident. 

6. Use the power of social media

One of the best ways for you to find your community in Dubai is by joining online communities or social media to make friends. You can find many online communities within Dubai, from yoga enthusiasts to cafe hunters; there’s no shortage on social media. Just be careful when interacting with strangers online, and keep in mind the UAE’s social media rules and regulations.

Social media has the power to help you stay connected and find your community that can help you grow and thrive in the city. If you’re a new mom in Dubai, you can find solace in countless Dubai-based mom communities that will help you navigate motherhood and caring for a family in Dubai. If you’re an entrepreneur, there are myriad opportunities in social media for you to introduce your business and meet your mentors or community.


7. Find your comfort zone

Dubai is a city that will push your limits, challenge you, and inspire you to be better. Moving to a new city or any place, in general, can be overwhelming.

You’ll probably miss your home country and your comfort zone, which made you seek out a community that will feel like a safe space. You can always find comfort in different places in the city. You just have to step out of your comfort zone and know that you can always go back to familiar things without compromising your growth.

8. Attend events 

Events are a fun way to find your community that will help you find your community! If you love books, find comfort in books but go to literary festivals or cultural events in the city. If you love food, then rest assured that Dubai is sprawling with mouthwatering food beyond shawarmas and biryanis.

There are plenty of foodies out there who can give you heavenly recommendations for your next culinary adventure, and you might be invited to a buffet or a food event if you’re lucky! Dubai has always been an event hub, and if you’re looking for a good time beyond the nightlife, you won’t be disappointed since you can find niches and interests that match yours.