20 Organizations to Find Volunteer Opportunities in Dubai?

A few years ago — 2017 to be exact — the UAE marked the Year of Giving, in observance of the country’s dedication to selfless giving and generosity. We witnessed many inspiring stories, from restaurants that offered free meals, to people who rescued and fed stray animals. Up to this day, the spirit of giving lives on in the hearts of the UAE’s citizens and residents, most especially the volunteers.

Indeed, the UAE leadership is always keen on promoting a “culture of volunteering.” Here in Dubai, there are many organizations focusing on various causes: health, animal welfare, environment, education, and many other worthwhile causes. How about you? Are you interested in becoming a volunteer and thinking of signing up for a cause?

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20 Top Places/Organizations to Volunteer in Dubai

Below are some of the organizations offering volunteering opportunities in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. These include hospitals, animal rescue groups, online platforms, and other initiatives that are duly registered to carry out social development initiatives:

1. Dubai Volunteering Centre

The Dubai Volunteering Centre is the first formal body established by the Dubai Government to manage volunteering services. It is an initiative of the Community Development Authority (CDA), and connects community causes with willing volunteers. The centre’s activities are held in partnership with various government, non-government, and private institutions in Dubai.

2. Dubai Cares

Dubai Cares is a philanthropic organization that was established on September 19, 2007 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. It conducts various activities throughout the year and accepts volunteers. Here’s a guide how you can become a volunteer for Dubai Cares.

3. Day for Dubai

Established in 2017 by the Dubai Government, Day for Dubai is an initiative that invites citizens and residents to “dedicate one day a year” to helping people in need, preserving the city, and protecting the environment. Volunteers are urged to contribute their time, knowledge, and skills as a way of giving back to the community. They can give a full day “in one go” or spread their volunteer activities throughout the year to complete a day.

Notably, the Day for Dubai initiative was launched by none other than His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council. Applicants may sign up for volunteering opportunities by downloading the Day for Dubai app via Google Play or App Store.

4. Engage Dubai

Engage Dubai is a volunteer programme managed by the Dubai Chamber’s Centre of Responsible Business (CRB). Its objective is “to stimulate corporate involvement in community development” by engaging employees in various volunteering projects.

5. Volunteers.ae

Volunteers.ae is basically a portal that features volunteering opportunities across the UAE. It posts the criteria of volunteers needed alongside each opportunity, so that potential applicants may assess their availability and capabilities first before signing up. The volunteer activities are open to individuals, groups, and organizations.

6. National Volunteer Program for Emergencies, Crises and Disasters

Launched by the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA), the National Volunteer Program for Emergencies, Crises, and Disasters invites volunteers to help out during emergencies, crises, and disasters. It is open to citizens as well as residents of the UAE.

7. Emirates Red Crescent

Founded in 1983, the Emirates Red Crescent is the UAE affiliate of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. It is composed of the Student Crescent, which includes elementary to secondary level students; the University Crescent, which is composed of university and college students; and Volunteers, which encompasses all members of society.

8. Takatof

Established by Emirates Foundation in 2007, Takatof is a nationwide volunteering initiative that encourages young people to join in voluntary activities. Its primary vision is to support and encourage volunteerism as a way of life, and as part of the UAE culture.

9. Sanid

Sanid is a volunteering initiative that was also established by Emirates Foundation, in coordination with the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA). Among its activities is the training and preparation of UAE youth in responding to and management of crises, disasters, and emergencies.

10. National Fund

Established by a group of Emirati businessmen in 2016, the National Fund (also known as Sandooq Al Watan) supports Emiratis in terms of education, training, and business development. Among its goals is to provide career guidance to 10,000 Emirati students, as well as summer and winter courses to 1,000 Emiratis for the purpose of gaining work experience.

Volunteer Work in Dubai Hospitals

Due to the current health crisis, volunteers in hospitals are highly needed, including healthcare professionals and those who are willing to make blood donations. Among the hospitals/health organizations in need of volunteers are the following:

11. Rashid Hospital

Established in 1973, Rashid Hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Dubai and is part of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). If offers volunteer opportunities not only for healthcare professionals, but also those who can help by supporting medical staff in the different departments of the hospital.

12. DHCA Volunteering Program

The DHCA Volunteering Program was recently launched by the Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA) — the governing body of Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) — as part of their response to the current health crisis. Basically, it connects DHCC-based hospitals with healthcare professionals who desire to contribute their expertise.

13. Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders)

The UAE Regional Office of Medecins Sans Frontieres was established in Abu Dhabi in 1991, though it is currently based in Dubai. Aside from healthcare professionals, it accepts volunteers who can help in carrying out administrative work, events, and various activities.

Volunteer in Dubai for Students

As mentioned earlier, some Dubai organizations accept student volunteers, including:

14. Dubai Cares (for Young Volunteers)

Dubai Cares typically accepts volunteers who are above 16; however, it is also open to those who are below 16 years old — provided that they are accompanied by a parent or guardian during a volunteering activity.

15. Student Crescent (under Emirates Red Crescent)

The Emirates Red Crescent includes a Student Crescent category, which is composed of students from elementary to secondary levels. Student Crescent groups are typically established in the beginning of the school year, during which they participate in training courses such as “First Aid” and “International Humanitarian Law.”

Animal Rescue Volunteers

If you love animals, you’d be happy to know that there are Dubai groups dedicated to rescuing, fostering, and putting up rescued animals for adoption. Among these are:

16. K9 Friends

K9 friends was established in 1989 as a rescue organization that helps re-home stray and abandoned dogs in Dubai. Aside from providing shelter and veterinary care to these dogs, the group also helps in reuniting lost dogs with their owners.

17. Protection of Animal Rights Association (PARA) UAE

Previously called the Dubai Animal Welfare Society (DAWS), the Protection of Animal Rights Association (PARA) UAE is dedicated to rescuing, fostering, and re-homing animals. The group also operates a “trap, neuter, and release” (TNR) programme to help manage free-roaming animals, such as stray cats.

18. Kitty Snip

As the name implies, Kitty Snip is devoted to helping the cat population in Dubai. Aside from operating a trap, neuter, and release (TNR) programme, it also helps in re-homing adorable cats with loving families.

Event Volunteer Jobs

Every now and then, there is an event in Dubai that calls for volunteers who are keen on gaining experience. Among these events are:

19. Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX)

The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) is a trade show, exhibit, and conference that takes place annually at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). Featuring the latest in computers and electronics, the event attracts thousands upon thousands of participants each year, including consumers, students, IT professionals, traders, and technology enthusiasts.

20. Expo 2020 Volunteers Programme

The Expo 2020 Volunteers Programme is part of the upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai, a World Expo to be hosted by the emirate. The event was originally scheduled for October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021. Due to the current crisis, however, the event has been rescheduled to take place on October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

So far, a total of 139 countries will be participating in the global event, which will be held in a 438-hectare area near Dubai’s southern border with Abu Dhabi. It features a central plaza, Al Wasl, surrounded by three enormous districts based on the sub-themes of Expo 2020 Dubai — the Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability Districts.

How to Volunteer in Dubai

As you can see, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities in Dubai, depending on your knowledge, skills, and availability. In order to volunteer, you can follow the steps below

Step 1: Simply visit the website of the organization you’re interested in to see how you can apply and register as a volunteer.

Step 2: Provide all required information such as your personal details, qualifications, availability, and preferences.

Step 3: Qualify the application process by submitting any additional documents or following certain instructions requested by the organization itself.

Step 4: Upon being accepted as a volunteer, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of volunteering and follow any guidelines set out by the organization in order to ensure smooth running of activities.

Step 5: Start your volunteering journey! Depending on project type and length of commitment you signed up for; it is possible to gain valuable insights into local cultures, traditions and practices while learning about humanitarian issues during this process too.

Once you finish your mission abroad, don’t forget to share your volunteering experiences with your friends, family as well as other members of the community. Your stories might just inspire someone to take up a similar project too! Good luck!

If you’re not sure about where to apply as a volunteer, we suggest you contact the Community Development Authority (CDA), which manages and regulates volunteering activities in Dubai. You can call them on 800 2121 or visit CDA’s official website.

For more information about volunteering in Dubai and other emirates, you should check out the UAE Government Portal as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the types of volunteering opportunities available in Dubai?

There are numerous volunteering opportunities available in Dubai, ranging from social welfare work to environmental conservation, healthcare and education initiatives. Some of the most popular volunteering initiatives in Dubai include working with vulnerable or marginalized communities, advocating for animal rights and protecting endangered species, offering free medical care and nutrition awareness programs, helping out at shelters and orphanages, teaching basic literacy skills to children, helping out with disaster response efforts, and organizing community events.

2. What qualifications or experience do I need to take part in volunteering activities in Dubai?

In general, volunteers don’t need any particular qualifications or prior experience to participate in volunteer activities in Dubai; however some specific projects may require certain requirements or skillsets that individuals should meet before they can join such programme. Basic criteria may include a valid passport and visa (for international volunteers), knowledge of Arabic language (if applicable), as well as any specialized training related to the activity that an individual is interested in taking part in.

3. Are there any age restrictions for participation in volunteer programmes?

Generally speaking, there are no age restrictions on most volunteering activities; however some programmes might have specific requirements depending on the type of work being done. For example certain organisations might prefer only adult volunteers if the project involves working directly with vulnerable populations such as children or elderly people. Additionally some countries have laws which restrict minors from participating in certain types of hazardous tasks or activities.

4. How many hours do I have to commit to each volunteering activity?

This varies greatly depending on the nature of the volunteer organisation itself as well as the specific project that you’re interested in joining; however typically most volunteer activities would require at least a few hours each week for regular commitment to ensure continuity and successful completion of tasks assigned by the organisation itself. It is also common for some volunteer programmes to arrange one-off experiences where volunteers can dedicate their time for a limited period without long-term commitments involved; however this will depend on individual organisation’s needs and capacities as well as availability of resources allocated towards these initiatives too.

5. Is there any financial support available during my stay while I am undertaking a volunteer programme?

Generally speaking most volunteering organisations provide basic amenities such as accommodation, food and transport allowance during your stay while you are undertaking your volunteer programme; however it is advisable to check with your hosting organisation regarding exact details related to financial support available before you embark on your mission abroad so that you are aware of all associated costs beforehand too. Additionally certain government bodies also offer grants towards selected applicants who wish to pursue voluntary work abroad as part of their funding initiative so it is always worth checking what options are available if you plan ahead sufficiently early enough too!


Volunteering is a great way to give back and help make a difference in the world. There are many different ways to volunteer, such as helping out at local charities or international aid projects. In order to volunteer in Dubai, individuals must first find organizations that need volunteers and apply for them by providing necessary information and documents..

Based on the above list, we hope that you find a volunteer opportunity that is close to your heart, making your stay in Dubai filled with purpose, meaning, and wonderful memories! Indeed, as the old saying goes — to give is better than to receive — and volunteerism is one way of expressing our love and care for those who need it the most.