Dubai Restaurant Offers Free Food to Those Who Can’t Pay

The Year of Giving in the UAE may have already passed, but certainly not it’s essence. The spirit of generosity lives on in the country’s citizens and residents, many of which are doing their part everyday — giving and sharing their blessings to those who need it the most.

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One great example is Foul W Hummus, a restaurant in Al Barsha 1 that offers free food to those who are hungry, but cannot afford to pay for a meal. A welcoming sign on the glass wall outside says, “If you can’t buy food, it’s for FREE. This is Gift from Allah (God).”

Foul W Hummus Restaurant in Dubai Offers Free Meals

The restaurant’s concept of serving free food is based on the principle that “no one should go hungry – especially the labourers and those who are going out everyday looking for jobs,” according to Fadi Ayyad, a Jordanian expat and owner of Foul W Hummus, Khaleej Times reported.

Fadi shared that they are not doing it for publicity, explaining that they put the sign up for everyone to feel welcome. When hungry people pass by the restaurant, but they don’t have money — they just need to come in and food will be served for free. They can choose from the menu, which includes hummus, beef and pine nuts, falafel, moutabal, sandwiches, and more. Drinks such as coffee, tea, and water are also free.

From breakfast until dinner everyday, the restaurant serves free meals to around 30-35 people, Fadi said. Meals are served from 7 am until 3 am the next day, seven days a week.

When asked if restaurant profits have been affected because of the free meals, Fadi said no. In fact, he believes that his charity work has actually helped to improve his business. He said that giving away free food is his way of giving back to the community, since he has also benefited a lot from Dubai.

In 1999, Fadi came to Dubai and worked as a systems analyst engineer before going into the food business. He established his first Foul W Hummus restaurant in 2011. Today, he has three branches in Al Barsha, one in Sharjah, and a new branch opening soon on Sheikh Zayed Road.

“I’ve realised that we also have a moral obligation to other people and not only to those who can pay,” Fadi stated. “Food is a basic right of everyone and we want those who cannot pay not to feel hungry.” He also mentioned that “we live in the land of Zayed and the leaders of this country has thought us tolerance and giving.”

Through this kind act of charity, Fadi commented that they have made a lot of friends. When they serve food to the hungry and needy — and see their smiles after having a meal — he shared that they “felt happiness that no money could buy.”

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Heartwarming stories such as these remind us that acts of kindness can go a long way. Indeed, as the old saying goes, “to give is better than to receive.” And speaking of free meals, have you heard about the Emirati vlogger who served free meals? Read all about Khalid Al Ameri’s experience as a Jollibee waiter last year!