Here are Five Tips to Enjoy Your Travel this Eid Al Adha

After the UAE government has announced a four-day holiday break for the Eid Al Adha celebrations, many have started to come up with plans to travel over the short holiday break.

However, if you are pressed for time or just a little short in the budget, there’s definitely the option to go around the UAE, or visit places you’ve never been in the city (and we think there’s still a lot of them) if you’re living in the capital or even here in Dubai!

Here are Five Tips to Enjoy your Travel this Eid Al Adha

Travel Tips: 5 Things to Consider for Your Trip this Eid Al Adha

So with this in mind, here are five simple things to consider when preparing for a quick getaway or activity over the Eid Al Adha holidays:

Pack light – Only bring the things that you need to. The key to traveling light is to set your priorities straight. Also, deciding what to bring based on your itinerary is a no-brainer. If you’re traveling within the country, you probably know by now that summer in the UAE is not exactly  friendly to travelers (or even residents, for that matter), so only bring:

  • Light clothes and some towels: Carefully roll your ironed clothes, and stack them one-by-one to maximize bag space.
  • Gadgets and other valuables such as travel documents, etc.: These things should be placed on a separate pack or at the side of your bag for easy access and to keep them from getting damaged. A hand-carry bag or sling bag for these will also do.
  • Toiletries, towels and other essentials: These can also be packed on the side of your bag, but keep the towels at the top, so you can easily retrieve them when you’re in for a long walk of if it gets really humid or rainy within a brief moment.

Bonus: Here’s a short video shared by Real Men Real Style on YouTube to give you some clever ways to pack light for at least a week-long holiday, but the tips here can be used by both men and women even for trips as short as 3-4 days, as well:

Final note: Don’t bring jewelry and other accessories that are travel-unrelated anymore. Remember, the goal is to enjoy your trip and not to flaunt your luxuries in life. Keep it basic, travel light!

Use a small backpack or a suitcase: When you know you’ll be carrying stuff around, chances are, you’ll only bring what you need. Remember, you don’t need to pack your bag until it is full. Just be sure you have what you really need. Also, using a piece of smaller luggage such as a suitcase limits your packing down to the very basics only.

Bring extra cash or extra bank or credit cards: This is important in case of an emergency. Also, keeping extra cash can save you from unplanned expenses such as additional travel fees, fares, service charges from restaurants, and many other extra payments related to traveling. However, remember not to keep all your money and cards in one place such as your wallet or body bag.

Here are Five Tips to Enjoy your Travel this Eid Al Adha

Wear comfortable (walking) shoes and socks, and bring slippers or sandals: If you can, you may bring these but remember that you can also purchase stuff during your trip so just remember to go with what you’re most comfortable with.

Bring water and ready-to-eat snacks: Waiting in long queues or waiting for a delayed flight can be exhausting and can drain your energy. Remember to hydrate as often as you can and to power up with cookies, biscuits, or snack bars during your journey. This could also save you time and money, especially when you’re visiting a new place for the first time.

Travelling is important, especially when you’re living in the UAE, where mutual understanding and world peace, productivity, and innovation, are encouraged. Traveling at least once in a while opens up our worldview and helps us to understand ourselves even better. Enjoy the holidays and safe travels!!

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