Indian Expat Wins 15 Million AED in Big Ticket Raffle

An Indian expat won the grand prize in the recently held 15 MILLION DIRHAMS SERIES 199 by Big Ticke Abu Dhabi. Sarath Purushothaman 

bought the ticket number 083733 online via Big Ticket Abu Dhabi website and he was announced as the lucky winner of the top prize making him 15 million Dirhams richer. Congratulations!

big ticket abu dhabi series 199 raffle winners Indian National Wins 15 Million Dirhams in Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Raffle

On another note, Shahid Fareed, a Pakistani national won the car prize which is a BMW in the BMW SERIES 4, with Ticket Number: 002528.

Big Ticket BMW 220I Series 04

A total of 8 Indians, 1 Pakistani and 1 Fiji national won the prizes in the raffle draw. Here’s the complete list of winners during this raffle event:


1st AED 15,000,000 WEB Sarath purushothaman 083733 India
2nd AED 100,000 WEB Jinachandran VAZHOOR NARAYANAN 107150 India
3rd AED 90,000 WEB Muhammed Sajith Puthanpura Mallatty Randupurayil 083542 India
4th AED 70,000 WEB Athul Muralidharan 035385 India
5th AED 50,000 WEB NESHEER KHAN 100876 India
6th AED 30,000 STORE Kamlesh Shashi Prakash 171697 Fiji
7th AED 20,000 WEB Gattu ramakrishna 247423 India
8th AED 20,000 STORE MOHAMMAD SAEED IMTIAZ 015838 Pakistan
9th AED 10,000 STORE Manoj Kumar Thanakappan Nair 205673 India
10th AED 10,000 WEB Radha Krishnan Unni 223519 India


Below is the video of the raffle event:

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