RTA Dubai Jobs in UAE

The Roads & Transport Authority, also known as RTA, is a large independent government roads and transportation authority located in Dubai, UAE. This authority was established in 2005 and has become responsible for planning transport and making it happen, for executing traffic projects, and for taking part in the legislative and strategic plans of Dubai’s transportation. RTA Dubai is considered a government department in the UAE.

If you are searching for a job for this company, please check out the information below on how you can apply for available positions.

RTA Dubai
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How to Apply for a Job in RTA Dubai in the UAE

RTA Dubai has its own career website which you can access at https://jobs.dubaicareers.ae/careersection/iam/accessmanagement/login.jsf?lang=en-GB&redirectionURI=https://jobs.dubaicareers.ae/careersection/eyov4z5qhfjnsykw9q149t4es7/mysubmissions.ftl?lang=en_gb.

However, this link requires you to have an account with the RTA Dubai official website before you can view the available positions. Just sign in using your email and password and you are good to go.

Meanwhile, those who doesn’t want to create an account with RTA Dubai can choose other job platforms to scout for a job. Some of the proven and trusted sites are LinkedIn, Indeed, Dubai careers, Gulf Job Careers and Dubai Vacancy.ae. You may explore the sites and look for available positions. Once you have found the job you prefer, you can easily apply by sending your CV to the recruiter.

RTA Dubai History

The history of RTA Dubai started when it was founded in 2005, according to Law No. 17-2005. The authority was launched by the Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE, and Emir of Dubai, Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The purpose of the department is to create a sustainable and high-end transportation systems for Dubai residents. After 7 years, RTA Dubai was recognized by Guinness World Records as the longest fully automated driverless metro transportation system in the world. RTA Dubai Metro had a 75-km route length then.

Today, the department was administered by Mattar Mohamed AL Tayer who acts as the Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors. The management of RTA is divided into 5 parts: Public Transport Agency, Traffic and Road Agency, Rail Agency, Licensing Agency, and Dubai Taxi. Each of these agencies has their own CEOs and directors.

Facts and Figures

  • The company was founded in 2005.
  • The company is 14 years old by now.
  • Its jurisdiction is only within the government of Dubai
  • As of 2017, it has 6,310 employees under its workforce.
  • In 2016, the company had an annual budget of AED 7.609 billion
  • RTA Dubai has metro, buses, trams ridership, services, and technology.

List of services RTA Dubai handles

5 Agencies of RTA Dubai:

  • Public Transport Agency
  • Traffic and Roads Agency
  • Rail Agency
  • Licensing Agency
  • Dubai Taxi

Business Sector

  • Electronic qualification
  • Bids ads
  • No objection certifications

Drivers and vehicle owners

  • Inquire and pay violations
  • Seasonal parking cards
  • mParking
  • Salik
  • Parking services
  • Licensing Services

Public Transport

  • Nol cards
  • Dubai bus
  • Dubai tram
  • Dubai taxi
  • Water taxi
  • Dubai metro
  • Nol card tariff

Smart applications by RTA Dubai

  • Nol Card
  • Smart Drive
  • Public transport
  • Dubai Drive
  • Smart parking
  • Smart taxi
  • Smart Salik
  • RTA Dubai
  • Wojhati
  • RTA corporate service app

People of determination

  • Hearing aids
  • Use the mouse
  • Vision
  • Smart services
    • Amendment data for a permanent parking permit
    • Renewing my determination of people of determination permit-permanent
    • A permanent parking permit for people of determination
    • Replacement for lost/damaged permit for my carefree/tourist
    • Issuing personal Nol card
    • Amendment of temporary arrest permit data
    • My parking permit for people of determination/tourist
    • Navigating a taxi for people of determination

What it means to work in RTA Dubai

Here are some of reviews and feedback of RTA Dubai employees:

Ferry Engineer: Average

“RTA is an average place to work, I recommend it. RTA does not have the most competitive pay for the area for the role, and many more. That would be the only negative part.”

Driver: Always happy with the job

“proactive approach customer service, always be polite with customer, care about personal hygiene, always maintain driven safety, following rolls & regulation, driving smooth politely”

Contact center team leader: Well

“Everything need challenge I made it but for time being nothing to say assure to everybody will pass thought the way of success and I am just concerned it as universal world I didn’t give up and I kept trying continuously up to that. This the miracle of me”

Admin Assistant- Knowledge Coordinator: Good organization

I have learned a lot while working for RTA Dubai, as I learned a lot there. The worst part about it is the money as they don’t pay fairly and some of the managers do not support their teams properly. I was lucky to finally find a good manager who helped me a lot throughout this journey.”

Customer Service Agent/Sales Marketing: Very friendly and active team

“I learned of different culture, I gain knowledge as a Public Servant.

The management is very active.

The workplace environment is very unique.

Quick team to resolve of any issues.”

Reminders when applying for a job in RTA Dubai

Always update your CV – this is very important as your employer will check whether you are qualified for the position. Your CV will tell your employer what your profession is, what your skills are, how qualified you are, and so on. You need to update your educational background and your work experience most especially.

Talk to authorized agents – if you can use the official career website of the company, don’t hesitate to utilize it before you turn to other platforms. This is one way you can assure that you are giving your CV to the right people. If this is not the case, choose an authorized agent or HR to collect your information. You have to watch out for possible scams and fraud when applying for a job. There are a lot of fake recruiters on the internet that will either use your information to steal your identity or ask for money.

Ask for referrals – you can also seek a referral if you know someone who is working for the company where you want to work.

Contact Information:

Address: RTA Headquarters, Block C, Level 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Main Telephone Number: 800 9090
Website: rta.ae