Dubai Municipality Announces Closure of All Restaurants, Cafes

Last week, Dubai closed cinemas, parks, gyms, spas, libraries, museums, and entertainment destinations in the emirate, as part of the country’s precautionary measures against the current outbreak. Just recently, the closure of eateries in the emirate was also announced.

The Dubai Municipality has issued a statement announcing the closure of restaurants, cafes, and other food service outlets for two weeks, as the UAE combats the pandemic.

Dubai Closes Cafes and Restaurants for Two Weeks

Through a tweet posted by the Dubai Media Office, the Dubai Municipality issued the following statement:

“As part of preventive measures, all restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, coffee shops and food service establishments across Dubai will be closed for two weeks starting from today Monday 23 March, 2020.”

However, the following exemptions to the closure were also announced:

“Restaurants at hotels and hotel apartments providing services for guests only, and food delivery services and transportation are exempt from the closure. They are required to strictly adhere to safety requirements.”

Aside from this latest measure, authorities have also announced the temporary closure of beaches, swimming pools, and public parks across the country.

Dubai Authorities Take Precautionary Measures

For the past few weeks, authorities in Dubai have been taking stringent measures in combating the outbreak, advising people to stay at home except for emergencies as well as for getting basic necessities like food or medicines.

If you really need to go out, authorities advise that there should be no more than three persons in each car. Everyone is also cautioned against visiting hospitals, except for critical or emergency cases. Using a face mask is also strongly advised.

Likewise, the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai has directed all retail and business outlets to practice “social distancing.” This involves putting a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between all individuals by placing signage in reception areas and payment queues.

Meanwhile, the General Command of the Dubai Police reminded everyone to comply with the guidelines issued by concerned authorities. Anyone who violates these laws will be held accountable and face legal proceedings.

As mentioned earlier, a person who goes against these measures imposed by UAE authorities will face legal proceedings. In fact, quarantine violators could face up to five years in jail and an AED 100,000 fine — depending on the violation. So consider yourself warned: stay at home, go out only if absolutely necessary, avoid visiting hospitals, practice social distancing, and trust only official information sources.

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