Returning Dubai Residents Must Use GDFRA’s New Online Application System

As Dubai starts to allow travel to and from the UAE, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) reminded residents abroad to only book flight tickets to Dubai once they secured approval from a newly set up system.

According to an announcement posted by Emirates through their website, the GDFRA online approval system can only be accessed outside the UAE.

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Dubai Residents Must Use New GDFRA Online Application System to Return Home

The guideline mentioned that applicants can complete the entire process on their own via the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) website

Once the application has been approved, you will receive an instant response. Otherwise, you may try again later.

According to the Emirates website (, residents should book their tickets only when their GDRFA applications have been approved. 

In a statement, it said: “Only book your ticket back to Dubai after you have received the approval. During the booking process, you will be asked to enter your Resident File Number.”

In line with this, you will also need to present a copy of the confirmation email from the GDFRA during your travels.

Emirates’ Guidelines for Residents Returning to Dubai

All Dubai residents returning via Emirates should:

  • Contact the airline’s call center hotline to assist with your booking and application for approval to travel or you can complete your application independently via the GDFRA website.     
  • Fill out the health declaration form as well as the quarantine undertaking form. Both forms are to be printed, completed, and handed over to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) staff at arrival. The quarantine form will only take into effect if the passenger needs to undergo quarantine. 

Note: Upon arrival in Dubai, all passengers are required to take a PCR test and to remain in their residence until the test result is released. If your test comes out positive, you will then be required to undergo quarantine. 

  • Download the Al Hosn app for identification and contact tracing purposes.  
  • Sign a declaration that you either have health insurance that covers COVID-19 or will bear any costs for treatment and quarantine if required.

Although it’s only the initial phase of the easing of travel restrictions in Dubai, COVID-19 and travel restrictions may still be in place across many other countries in the world. In line with this, airlines including the Emirates are still closely monitoring the situation. And depending on the arising developments, service will be restored to full operation as it will be announced. 

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