New RTA Dubai Metro Fares

If you regularly ride the RTA metro train in Dubai, you might notice informational signboards plastered in plenty of places recently. This is because there is a recent change in the metro fares.

The price of the ticket journeys has increased. It is good that you share this with friends in Dubai so that they will be aware of the changes.

Dubai Metro Fare Price Increase

Below is a chart with information of the difference from the old fare to the new fare. Please be advised that the chart only applies to SILVER NOL cards and fare prices will vary in other NOL cards (Gold, Blue, Red).

rta new metro faresNote: This applies to regular Silver NOL cards.

Basically, here are the main points of changes

  • Minimum Fare = 3 AED
  • Next Fare if you’re riding between 1 or 2 zones = 5 AED
  • If you’re travelling to 3 zones or more = 7.5 AED
  • Minimum Amount for a NOL card balance is now = 7.50 AED

So it is advised that you top up your NOL Cards and make sure to reach the maintaining balance so you won’t have any problem commuting.

rta metro new fares

RTA Fares and Fines

Please be advised though that there is also a new set of weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual fare packages that offer discounts for regular Dubai metro passengers.

The price increase went live on November 11, coinciding with the launch of the Dubai Metro Tram.

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