Man in Sharjah Spared from Death Row as per Request of Victim’s Family

Just when you think the world is getting darker and darker, some people live to tell their story and prove us wrong.

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On April 15, a man convicted of killing his flatmate was saved from death row, as per the request of the victim’s family.

Man in Sharjah Spared from Death Row as per Request of Victim’s Family

Murder Suspect Absolved from Death Penalty as per Request of Victim’s Family

Sharjah Criminal Court pronounced the death penalty after the Indian worker slit the throat of his compatriot, 38, following a drunken brawl at their shared apartment in Al Nahda, the National reported.

The defendant, who was also 38 at the time, admitted the killing when he was questioned by the police.

He said they were heavily intoxicated when an argument broke out.

The victim was allegedly holding the knife, but his flatmate was able to take it from him and slit his throat afterwards.

The defendant had been sentenced to death for premeditated and attempted murder.

According to court records, the defendant had also been involved in a skirmish back in 2011, where he stabbed another flatmate.

Prosecutors had been unable to reach the victim’s family during the proceedings. When the family was finally located earlier this year, they asked for the charges to be dropped.

It was not clear, however, what prompted their decision, which led to the release of the convict and subsequent deportation.

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