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7 Cute Hooded Towels for Your Little Ones

Aside from installing sturdy fixtures and fittings in the bathroom, having quality towels, robes, and wraps is also essential, including towels for your little ones.

Bath times are exciting for young children, especially when they see their favourite cartoon character or superhero on their towels, don’t you think? In today’s post, we’ve collected some of the most popular towels that your kids will love!

kids towels

Make Bath Times More Fun with these Fancy Towels

Check out the following top picks on hooded towels for your little ones:

1. Princess Bath Towel

kids towels

Buy this on Amazon for AED 29.59.

Let your daughter live out her princess dreams with this hooded towel that she can use at home, at the swimming pool, or at the beach. Made of microfiber and polyester material, the towel measures 60 cm x 120 cm and is suitable for 2-8 year old kids. Simply beautiful!

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2. Pirate Bath Towel

kids towels

Buy this on Amazon for AED 37.50.

Little boys have always imagined themselves to be swashbuckling pirates, on the look out for valuable treasures! Let your son’s imagination fly with this hooded towel!

Get this Product on Amazon

3. Little Bee Bath Towel

kids towels

Buy this on Amazon for AED 40.18.

An adorable product for adorable kids, this “Little Bee” bath towel will surely brighten up your child’s bath times! Made of good quality absorbent material, it’s a great product for an awesome price!

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4. Mermaid Towel

kids towels

Buy this on Amazon for AED 43.80.

Little girls are fascinated by mermaids, seashells, and corals under the sea. Your daughter will definitely love this colourful towel! Measuring 80 cm x 130 cm, it is ideal for kids 2-8 years old, and may be used at home, at the beach, or at the swimming pool.

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5. Spiderman Bath Towel

kids towels

Buy this on Amazon for AED 47.20.

Many young boys aspire to be a superhero. With this towel, they can imagine themselves as one of the most popular superheroes, Spiderman! Made of microfiber and polyester material, this towel measures 80 cm x 130 cm — suitable for boys age 2-8 years old.

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6. Flamingo Bath Towel

kids towels

Buy this on Amazon for AED 49.99.

Made of superfine fiber, this beautiful towel makes the perfect gift for your daughter! Measuring 24 x 48 inches, it is large enough for growing kids… and they sure grow up fast! Aside from being a bath towel, this product also serves as a bathrobe and poncho.

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7. Rabitat Kids Towel

kids towels

Buy this on Amazon for AED 99.00.

Choose from 6 different characters when you get this Amazonia kids towel. Measuring 84 cm x 84 cm, each towel is made of 100% zero-twist terry cotton, which is soft yet super absorbent! The large size also makes it ideal for growing toddlers and kids!

Get this Product on Amazon

For kids, bath times become more exciting and fun when they get to “wear” their favourite characters. So whether they’re bathing at home or swimming at the beach or pool, little boys and girls will surely love these towels!

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