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Dubai Police

WATCH Taxi Driver Praised for Returning Bag Full of Money

Just the other day, a Filipina was honoured by the Dubai Police for returning a bag full of money. Recently, another man, an Asian taxi driver, was praised for doing a similar deed. ALSO READ: UAE Driver Receives ‘Big Surprise’ from Dubai Police On Thursday, the Dubai Police shared that they recognized the driver, Mohammad Nazem, for… Read more

honest filipina starbucks employee dubai police

A good worker is someone who knows what needs to be done without being told what to do. But beyond that, a good person knows what to do, even when no one is looking or is expecting them to do what they’re supposed to. This has been the story of a Filipina who has earned… Read more

New Dubai Police Smart Station Now Open in Al Refaa

The Dubai Police has recently announced the opening of a new Smart Police Station (SPS) at Al Seef in Al Reefa area on Monday (August 19). The opening of the new station is a new step towards the emirate’s goal of adopting digital change to provide customers round-the-clock service without human interference. The new smart… Read more

UAE Driver Receives ‘Big Surprise’ from Dubai Police

Residents in the UAE, especially those in Dubai, are continuously reminded by the police to strictly comply with traffic laws through various awareness campaigns, fines, and regular updates to traffic and road ethics. Much of what the police have been doing in the past is reinforcement by punishment (fines, violations). This time around, the police… Read more

Detainee Assaults Dubai Cop, Rubs Pepper on Officer’s Eyes

The work of a police officer is no joke. This has been proven once again when a dangerous situation arose involving an inmate who physically assaulted an on-duty police officer and rubbed pepper on his eyes to stop him from returning him to his cell. The incident which took place at the Al Barsha detention… Read more

man throw money street dubai

A man was arrested by Dubai Police after posting a video footage of himself throwing money for social media. In a post by the official Facebook Page by the Dubai Police, authorities have warned residents to use social media responsibly and avoid posting items that may go agains the values, cultures, and traditions of the UAE. Also… Read more

[VIDEO] Meet Dubai’s Female Police K-9 Trainers

It’s common notion that most specialized jobs are assigned to male professionals, especially in the Middle East. However, since gender is no longer a basis to qualify for a job, many societies including the UAE has transitioned and adopted the new norm that jobs are offered to those who are equipped with skills and technical… Read more

Dubai Police Warns Bank Customers to Stay Vigilant Against Fraud Activities

As the UAE and most of the world transition to digital services in the field of retail, finance, and banking, there is an expected increase in the rate of cybercrimes in relation to the improved services offered by stakeholders in these industries. That being said, as tech developers are continuously creating new ways to make… Read more

Dubai Police Offers Home Security Services for Residents Travelling During Eid

With the announcement of the long holiday break this Eid season, many residents of the UAE are looking forward to making plans of or going on vacation elsewhere. But as much as we would like to focus on our vacation and R&R, part of responsible adulthood is to make sure that everything is accounted for… Read more

Dubai Police Soon to Introduce One-Push Button Response System

At the start of the year, the Dubai Police have been proactive in developing and introducing smart systems that aim to improve security services provided to all residents in the emirate. Along with other initiatives dealing with traffic congestion and road safety measures, the Dubai government looks to take its police arm’s public service another… Read more

Pay Traffic Fines Online Only Starting April 1 d

Starting April 1, 2019, motorists in Dubai can pay traffic fines and avail seven other public services online only , as these will no longer be provided in person. The announcement was made during a press conference held on Sunday at the Dubai Police Traffic Department. ALSO READ: Car Registration via Online Only According to the Director of… Read more

Pinoy Drug Addict Bites Cop's Hand to Resist Arrest 4

Aside from being arrested for taking illegal drugs, a 42-year-old Filipino has been charged at a Dubai court with physical assault for biting a police officer. ALSO READ: 2 Pinoys Among Accused in Drowning of Emirati Boy On Sunday, February 3, the man was charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance for drug consumption and… Read more

Dubai Police Showcase Latest Smart Innovations at Intersec 2019

Following the success of the latest smart initiatives featured at the GITEX Technology Week last year, there seems to be no end to what technology can do or can be used for, especially in the field of security. From high-flying security drones to high-speed police mobiles, there are plenty of things technology can be used… Read more