Top 6 Umm Al Quwain Hotels & Beach Resorts

There’s nothing more relaxing than going on a road trip to Umm Al Quwain and enjoying a staycation in one of the finest hotels and beach resorts in the Emirates. It’s a guilty pleasure many UAE residents or tourists can enjoy since Umm Al Quwain is home to many gorgeous beaches peaceful greenery, and it’s a sight for sore eyes to those who want to have temporary relief from the busy city life. Going to Umm Al Quwain solo or with your family sounds like a great idea, regardless of the occasion. 

The good thing is that you have various choices to pick for your next hotel adventure, from the Emaar property Vida Beach Resort to the stunning Pearl Hotel and Spa. The next time you go on a spontaneous or planned trip to Umm Al Quwain, remember to unwind in one of these fantastic hotels for a memorable experience!

1. Vida Beach Resort 


Having a staycation where it’s ultra-relaxing and the view is picturesque sounds like a wonderful idea! In Vida Beach Resort located in Umm Al Quwain, you will be welcomed by attentive, friendly, and welcoming staff. The room service is efficient, and the food is mouthwatering. The rooms are comfortable and neat! Aside from that, the hotel has a vast pool and beachfront amenities where guests can lounge or bond with their loved ones!

If you’re looking for a spa or gym, don’t worry. Since Vida Beach Resort has those facilities, you can still keep up with your fitness routine while you’re on vacation; a trip to the spa sounds lovely for those who want to destress. The hospitality in this Emaar property hotel is overflowing, and the amazing experience can be felt the moment you step in the hotel.

There’s also a cafe in the lobby, with heavenly banana bread and hot chocolate! You can expect the best service from ambience to the staff upon checking in! If you want to enjoy a sunset walk by the beach, this five-star hotel will indulge you with its beach front. The best part is the hotel is within walking distance to cafeterias. Shops or restaurants if you ever want to explore the emirate during your stay! This hotel is also eco-friendly and participates in activities like Earth Hour, a win-win for those who are into preserving nature!

2. Umm Al Quwain Beach Hotel

Another hotel that should be on your travel bucket list is the Umm Al Quwain Beach Hotel since it has a relaxed ambiance with its suites that has living rooms, satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, and fridges It is best for travelers who wants to have a heavenly experience.

The Umm Al Quwain Beach Hotel is 4 km away from the UAQ Marine Club and 25km away from Dreamland Aquapark, perfect for those who plan to visit these tourist spots! If you brought your furry friends, it’s a pet-friendly hotel! The beach view will make you love staying in the hotel with your friends or loved ones; the staff are professional and friendly.

You can satisfy your cravings in the Lumi Beach Bar and Pool. They also have a Lebanese restaurant where you can indulge yourself with authentic Arabic food from a Falafel plate to a Beid Ghanam! You will not regret checkin in this hotel since you’ll be welcomed with warm smiles, attention to details hospitality service and the complimentary tea and coffee’ll refresh you, there’s also some chocolates to sweeten your stay! The Umm Al Quwain Beach Hotel is located near major tourist spots but still nestled in tranquility! It’s the perfect hotel after a long day of driving or sightseeing, you can rest in a fabulous room for a day or two.

3. Palma Beach Resort & Spa 

You’ll feel like you’re transported to ancient Egypt the moment you stepped in the Palma Beach Resort & Spa in Umm Al Quwain, you don’t have to travel far to sightsee in Egypt since this hotel will delight anyone who loves history!

This hotel has an Egyptian-inspired architecture that will make you feel in awe while the hospitality will make you feel like royalty, its located 3km away from the UAQ National Museum and the highway which makes it accessible if you need some rest from a long drive! There are suites and villas ready to accommodate your needs.

You’ll enjoy an unique getaway in the emirate with its historical ambience, and gorgeous seaside! Whether you’re with your friends or family, this beach resort is one of a kind with its superb hospitality and amazing facilities such as the barbeque area, adult pool, kids pool with a slide, and more! You’ll enjoy the seaview suite since it’ll ooze with calmness and romance, perfect for newlyweds on a honeymoon or for wedding anniversaries celebrations!

4. Barracuda Beach Resort

The Barracuda Beach Resort will make your stay a memorable one, despite its name being a Barracuda fish there’s no Barracuda fish in this hotel and the only resemblance it has to its name is its tenacity to ensure their guests will have a great experience and be the best in the hospitality scene!

The hotel has a tranquil and clean ambience that will make you instantly relaxed upon checking in; what makes this hotel charming is it has spacious rooms, and clean pool to make your stay a memorable one! If you’re looking for Indian restaurants in Umm Al Quwain.

They also have the Biryani Junction and the Thunder Road Pizza and Grill Italian restaurant ready to satisfy your cravings anytime! This hotel is located in the coastal area where you can see amazing sea creatures. You’ll love how friendly the staff can be and it’ll make you leaving this hotel harder since you’ll feel pampered!

5. Pearl Hotel & Spa

The Pearl Hotel & Spa will make you feel like a gem! Having a staycation in this hotel will make your stay in Umm Al Quwain worthwhile since you’ll love the warm welcome, gorgeous ambience and the 5-star hospitality service! It’s also pet-friendly for those who have their pets with them. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, you won’t be disappointed, since it has the beach and gardens that oozes with serenity.

You’ll enjoy its various restaurants, from the German Little Bavaria Restaurant to the infamous Backwaters Authentic Kerala Restaurant! Not only you’ll be served with mouthwatering dishes but great live music too! They also have various amenities you can enjoy, such as the spa, gym, pools, and many rooms available, from seaside suites to chalets! Your staycation in this hotel will be relaxing and memorable; you’ll also love the hearty breakfast buffet while you’re here! You must try their spa since they offer a back massage that will make you feel light as a feather! It’s one of the best family-friendly hotels in Umm Al Quwain that you should try!

6. Hotel Royal Residence

Another hotel that will make you feel majestic and pampered is The Hotel Royal Residence in Umm Al Quwain. It has all the amenities you’re looking for to have a great staycation! It has a pool, gym or workout room, free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and waterpark. This hotel can accommodate you if you’re in town to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries!

The staff are hospitable, and the ambiance is great! We recommend the three-bedroom villas for celebrations or gatherings! The food in the Hotel Royal Residence is delicious and hearty! Your stay in this property will allow you to have a great time with the gang. This hotel is accessible since it’s near various restaurants and shops where you can explore.

The kids will love the waterslide, even the adults, since you’ll indeed have fun swimming and floating your worries away in this resort. It also has an apartment-style or cozy vibe with its rooms, but it has plenty of spaces available! The Hotel Royal Residence is an excellent option for those who are planning to enjoy a staycation in Umm Al Quwain or for those who have a spontaneous road trip from the city to this sleepy emirate!

Final thoughts:

Umm Al Quwain is an excellent place for those who want to enjoy long drives and have a relaxing weekend in a beach resort or hotel! If you’re looking for ideas on where to destress or go offline for a couple of days, whether solo or with your loved ones, you’ll see that Umm Al Quwain is home to various hotels ready to welcome weary travelers or people who are looking for a quality pampering!

There are many hotels and beach resorts to choose such as the Vida Beach Resort, Pearl Hotel, Barracuda Hotel, Hotel Royal Residence, and more! It all depends on your preferences, budget, and reason for staying; nevertheless, these properties will welcome you and ensure a worthwhile getaway! The UAE is well-known for its excellent hospitality scene. It continues in cities like Abu Dhabi or Dubai since Umm Al Quwain and other emirates in the country have many hotels and beach resorts to entice travelers or tourists worldwide!