Umm Al Quwain Holidays Itinerary ( A Travel Guide)

Holidays are just around the corner, if you’re a resident in the UAE, there are plenty of things you can do for the jolliest time of the year. If going out of the country or even staying in the city seems hectic, why don’t you enjoy the holidays in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain? 

Yes, Umm Al Quwain is known to be the perfect getaway if you’re tired of city life. Here’s a holiday-friendly itinerary in Umm Al Quwain to get a gist of how fun yet nature-filled your holidays can be! This travel itinerary is also helpful for first-time tourists in the Emirates or UAE!

Staycation in hotels or beach resorts

Umm Al Quwain is home to numerous five-star hotels and beach resorts. It’s a good thing since this holiday, if a staycation is your thing, you can unwind with your family or loved one in hotels known for their premium hospitality and ambiance. You can choose from Vida Beach Resort to Hotel Royal & Spa, whether it’s a one-week stay or just for the weekend. 

The beach resorts in Umm Al Quwain are highly irresistible since seaside views are luxurious and suitable for the holidays. Not to mention the warm welcome and hotel activities such as Christmas carols, special buffets, or brunches, which sound like a treat! You’ll also love how hotels or beach resorts have a glamorous vibe during the holidays with the Christmas trees or festive decor, it’s hard not to love the holiday seasons.

Staycations also sound like an excellent idea for your Umm Al Quwain itinerary since you and your loved ones will feel refreshed during your vacation. After all, you deserve to rest and unwind in a hotel with a comfy bed, sunset beach views, and delicious buffets. If you have your family with you, hotels usually have pools or playgrounds where they can play. The beach also sounds like an excellent idea for afternoon walks or all-around quality time with them. If you’re looking for a chill holiday this year, staycations in Umm Al Quwain should be your go-to!

Holiday shopping in the Mall of UAQ or discount centers

Who can resist not shopping for the holidays? Plenty of discounts are everywhere in the UAE, even in Umm Al Quwain. The good news is you can get more value for money items in this emirate than in the cities. You can shop till you drop in the Mall of UAQ or discount centres in the emirate like in Palm Discount Centre or World Gift.

It’s okay to buy yourself things for the holidays, or if you’re shopping for your friends or loved ones for Christmas parties, you can do so in Umm Al Quwain! You’ll enjoy numerous discounts on items from household appliances to fashion apparel, the best part is you don’t have to deal with the crowds when shopping, unlike in the cities of Abu Dhabi or Dubai, so it’s a win-win situation. 

Barbeque dates or camping with the gang on the beach

Beach dates for the holidays? Yes, please! The city life can drain your soul, and the everyday mundane of going to work can tire your bones. For the holidays in Umm Al Quwain, why don’t you spend Christmas by hosting barbeque dates with your loved ones or overnight camping by the beach? It sounds like a party to anyone who is a beach or nature lover!

Having fun under the sun doesn’t only have to be during the summer; you can enjoy the cool breeze by the beach. Imagine this, enjoying heartfelt talks with your gang while feasting on delicious homemade foods, building sandcastles with your children , and overnight camping with your significant other. You can choose from Umm Al Quwain Open Beach to Kite Beach Centre in Umm Al Quwain for your next holiday getaway!

Dine in Umm Al Quwain’s best restaurants and feast like royalty

The holidays aren’t the holidays if you’re not feasting on scrumptious food! Lucky for you, Umm Al Quwain has restaurants ready to satisfy your cravings and make your holiday getaway special! You can dine in Backwaters or Sikkat Beirut Restaurant and Cafe.

 If you have your family with you or the whole gang, even better since you’ll also have a great time dining! There are many family-friendly restaurants in Umm Al Quwain, whether on the road or in hotels. If you’re craving seafood platters, this emirate is the best place to indulge in restaurants like Emirates Sea Restaurant or Waves Restaurant!

Brunch in Umm Al Quwain cafes

Brunch or early morning coffee in Umm Al Quwain cafes sounds like a plan! If you’re staying in a hotel with a nearby cafe, you can get your usual coffee fix or enjoy brunch in the Emirates best cafes, from Kite Cafe to Oryx Cafe. The holidays call for hot cocoa dates specialty coffees, or Karak chai, and you can feel the holiday season in every cup in the Emirates.

Explore historical sites in Umm Al Quwain

This holiday, if you’re keen on checking out some famous historical sites in the emirates, you can visit the Umm Al Quwain Fort to see some special artifacts and get to know local culture on the emirate. You can also see the abandoned Ilyushin IL 76 if you’re an aviation enthusiast.

There’s also the Umm Al Quwain Center of Antiquities which is located on the opposite side of the Umm Al Quwain fort and museum. You’ll see the ancient ruins and other interesting antiquities in the emirate. It may be an unconventional way to spend the holidays, but as a tourist, why don’t you hit two birds with one stone? Enjoy tourist attractions while on vacation, and there’s no shame in doing so!

Fun aqua adventures in Umm Al Quwain

If aqua parks are your must-visit for the holidays, don’t worry; Umm Al Quwain has many aquaparks to explore. One of them is the famous Dreamland Aqua Park, it’s a dream destination for everyone especially for children, you’ll be enjoying gorgeous greeneries and over 30 adventurous rides and attractions that will make your holiday itinerary the ultimate bucket list! You’ll be enjoying a mini zoo, volleyball or basketball courts , and overnight camping facilities! There’s many amenities in this aquapark that every UAE resident or tourist should not missed out on for the holidays!

Another place to enjoy fun watersport activities such as kayaking, kite surfing, birdwatching or mangrove tours, look no further than the Kite Beach Centre since it has all of the activities above and more! You can also enjoy overnight camping and enjoy watching a sky full of stars, and a calm island beach walks. You have to visit the Kite Beach Centre since it also has the social media famous Kite Beach Cafe with Bali vibes and delicious beverages and food to satisfy your tummies!

Desert Safari and other sand-related activities

If you haven’t tried doing Desert Safari in the UAE, you can try doing it in Umm Al Quwain for the holidays! There’s plenty of desert safari tours you can book with your family or friends, you can enjoy Bedouin-style overnight camping and authentic Emirati cuisine, and ride camels. The best thing about Umm Al Quwain is that it’s overflowing with nature and beautiful sceneries, making your visit refreshing and grounded. 

Boat rides and cruises in Umm Al Quwain

Umm Al Quwain is the best place to enjoy boat rides and cruises, you’ll be seeing breathtaking nature in full view and what the emirate has in-store for you! You can enjoy a boat ride to the numerous Mangrove trees in the Mangrove beach or explore the Al Sinniyah Island which is known to be the oldest pearl fishing towns in the Persian gulf. It’s the perfect recipe for a chill yet lovely holiday itinerary in the emirate!

Final thoughts:

If you’re thinking of spending the holidays in an emirate that is oozing of tranquility and nature then Umm Al Quwain is your best bet! Sometimes traveling abroad nor the city can make the holidays hectic and fast-paced. Your holiday vacation can be savored and mindful this year, if you choose to go on fun road trip to Umm Al Quwain and leave behind the busy cities and say hello to serene and memorable memories with your loved ones in the UAE.

Our holiday itinerary in Umm Al Quwain is a surefire way to give you a fantastic time in the Emirates. Whether you want to lounge all day long in a hotel or beach resort or visit historic sites, there’s no shortage of exciting things to do in Umm Al Quwain. You can also shop for gifts or souvenirs in the countless discount centres and malls in the emirate. So, you will not feel left out or FOMO when buying value-for-money products. Umm Al Quwain may not be on your bucket list or the first place that comes to mind for the holidays, but it’s a gem that is waiting to be explored by you!