VIDEO: Child ‘Pandesal’ Vendor Victim of Hold-up

Caloocan, Philippines – A video of a child “pandesal” vendor is trending online in social media. This kid became a victim of hold-up by an identified man. The poor kid is seen trembling in fear when he was robbed.

This video was originally posted by Facebook user Christopher Pacheco in his account and has since become viral.

Filipino Child Vendor Robbed by Unidentified Man

A YouTube clip posted by Matteo Menesis shows the kid with other people in the area trying to calm him down, but you can see that he was traumatized by what happened. He was crying and his legs were trembling. Just how sad that this is happening and to think he’s just a child trying to make a living to help in the household!

UPDATE: A recent update from original uploader, Christopher Pacheco, says that the child’s family is sending there gratitude to those who have helped their son during the incident. “Pinararating po ng magulang ng bata at ng bata na si mark christian(kokey) santos ang kanilang taos pusong pasasalamat sa inyong pagtulong….”

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