Dubai Worker Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Forcing Minor Girl into Prostitution

Dubai as a city, provides plenty of opportunities for expats, young and old, to earn more and provide better for their families back home. However, there are certain circumstances that keep workers from truly enjoying what the city has to offer as place of work – one of which is because of being illegal or undocumented workers in the country.

And the other, is due to being abused and taken advantage of by their employers. This is commonly the case for people who bypass the legal employment and residence process in the UAE, or elsewhere in the world, for that matter.

Dubai Worker Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Forcing Minor Girl into Prostitution
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Dubai Man Jailed for Life Over Prostitution, Rape Charges

Such is the case of a worker in Dubai who has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Dubai for forcing an underage girl into the flesh trade, as shared in a report by the Khaleej Times.

The worker was charged of sexually molesting an 18-year-old teenager by forcing her into prostitution.

The man was sentenced to life in prison by a Dubai court on Sunday (June 23).

According to the Court of First Instance, the 44-year old Bangladeshi man would take the underage girl, also a Bangladeshi, from one apartment to another to make her engage with his clients.

As per court statements, the accused had also raped the victim, and ran a brothel in an apartment with an illegal female Chinese accomplice.

The man was said to charge other men for the girl’s “services” for AED 100 each.

On September 23, the police raided the Al Qusais apartment, where illegal and immoral activities had reportedly been taking place in the district.

The court found the defendant guilty of human trafficking, facilitating prostitution and rape charges.

The defendant is set to be deported after he has served 25 years in prison.

During investigation, the victim shared that the defendant had brought her to UAE on a visit visa in February 2018, and forced her into prostitution.

She explained that she took the job because she was indeed desperate for money. She also told the man that she was 17 at the time, but he changed her age to 25 on her passport.

Furthermore, the man took the minor to a flat from the airport, where he raped her before telling her that she was then “ready for work”.

The victim also shared that the man made her meet about four to five men a day – and tht he used to send AED 1,500 per month to the victim’s mother back home, and added that he had been molesting her repeatedly ever since.

The victim also explained that the man had other women working for him at the brothel – all of which were also charged in the case for prostitution.

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