Ajman Police Quickly Recovers 1.1 Million Dirhams in Stolen Gold Jewelry After 12 Hours

In an impressive feat, the Ajman Police General Command managed to arrest three suspects in a crime of stealing gold jewelry from a store in Ajman‘s gold market just 12 hours after the incident occurred. The stolen items had a total value of 1.1 Million Dirhams

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The investigators were able to locate and arrest three suspects who all had Arab nationality. The first suspect was arrested in Sharjah after coordinated efforts between Ajman and Sharjah Police forces while the other two were caught by Ajman Police in Ramila area and New Industrial Zone respectively. All three admitted to committing the crime of theft when questioned.

ajman police gold thieves caught

Investigative Actions Leads to Quick Arrests

Ahmed Saeed Al-Nuaimi, the director of the Department of Investigation and Criminal Investigation of Ajman Police, reported that they were notified about a theft in one of the gold stores in the area that included jewels valued at one million dirhams as well as forty thousand dirhams in cash. Upon arriving at the scene and inspecting it, it was discovered that the shop owner had neglected to turn on an alarm connected to the CIA, thus delaying their adjustments.

As soon as this was revealed, they formed a team from the Department of Investigation and Criminal Investigators and went about their research and investigation process to identify those responsible for the theft. It was found out that three individuals wearing masks in an attempt to mislead were behind it – all three were Arab nationals.

Thanks to their experience and skill, investigators managed to locate one suspect in Sharjah Emirate quickly. In coordination with Sharjah Police, they arrested him without further delay. Following this lead, two other suspects were apprehended: one was found in Ramila area Ajman Emirate while another was arrested in New Industrial zone belonging to Ajman Emirate. The latter was identified as being responsible for planning out and leading the heist itself.

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All Stolen Items Recovered Thanks to Quick Actions by Police

When asked regarding their involvement in this matter, they confessed to committing theft. According to them they distributed all stolen items among them before separating with each other so as not confuse police officers attempting pursuit after them. Fortunately for authorities, all stolen items totaling up worth one million and one hundred thousand dirhams were recovered due to quick investigative actions taken by police forces involved in this case.

Ahmed Saeed Al-Nuaimi praised his colleagues for such extraordinary job by emphasizing their experience, grit and competence which enabled them take on this case efficiently and swiftly recover not only evidence but also all stolen goods themselves from perpetrators of such heinous crime against property owner rights. He also reminded public not be hesitate when coming across any suspicious activities since law enforcement will certainly take care of them accordingly with zero tolerance policy towards anyone who tries inflicting harm upon homeland security or citizens living here alike.

Reminder to all New UAE residents and Visitors

A reminder to fellow UAE residents and to new visitors. Please be reminded that UAE has many surveillance cameras and the security is tight in all areas. It is highly advised to not do anything that can be considered illegal or suspicious as it will be taken very seriously and if found guilty one might face the consequences of being charged with a crime.

The safety and security is a main reason why many choose to stay in the UAE and by abiding to the law here one can ensure their own safety, as well as that of others.

It is important for everyone to act responsibly and avoid getting involved in any criminal activities. It is everybody’s collective responsibility to work towards a secure environment where everyone feels safe. Let us all contribute to a better society together!

Below is the full report from Ajman Police official FB Page

In just 12 hours… Ajman Police manage to arrest three accused of stealing gold jewelry valued at one million and one hundred thousand dirhams

The Ajman Police General Command was able to arrest three people of Arab nationality just 12 hours after stealing gold jewelry from Ajman’s gold market.

In detail, Ahmed Saeed Al-Nuaimi, the director of the Department of Investigation and Criminal Investigation of Ajman Police, said that a report was received to the Operations Room regarding stealing gold jewelry from a gold store valued at one million dirhams and a cash amount of forty thousand dirhams.

By going to the site and inspecting the store, it was revealed that the shop owner did not turn on the alarm connected to the CIA, neglecting it, which caused the adjustment process to be delayed, but immediately a team from the Department of Investigation and Criminal Investigators was formed, and with research and investigation to identify the culprits, it was revealed they had committed several forms of misleading wearing misguided masks They changed their clothes several times in an attempt to mislead the men of justice, but the researchers with their experience and skill were able to identify the culprit and it turned out that they were Arab nationality.

With the efforts of the investigators, investigations, and their gang, the location of the first accused in the Emirate of Sharjah was identified, and in coordination with Sharjah Police, he was arrested and summoned (a. C) Arab nationality, as the second accused was arrested in the Ramila area of Ajman Emirate and is called (T. D) Arab, thus the third accused was arrested in the new industrial zone in the Emirate of Ajman and he is called (R.A. A) He is also an Arab nationality, and he led and planned the robbery.

When asked about the incident, they conclude that they committed the crime of theft. One of them reported that the stolen items were distributed among them and after the robbery they separated to mislead the police, all stolen items, valued at one million and one hundred thousand dirhams, were recovered.

The Director of Investigations and Criminal Investigators Department praised Ajman Police for the experience, grit and competence of the investigators and their quick search and investigative actions that enabled them to catch the crime in record time and recover all stolen items. He also called on the public not to hesitate to report anyone who tries to commit any crime or other offence punishable against them. The law, it is certain that the Ajman police will be at the helm and will deal with anyone who pleads themselves to mess with or interfere with the security of the homeland and the safety of citizens and residents.

ajman police seize robbers gold worht 1.1 Million Dirhams