Al Ain to Umm Al Quwain Bus Timings

If you’re coming from the beautiful city of Al Ain and are planning to visit the majestic emirate of Umm Al Quwain, then the bus timings for this route offer a convenient way to explore these two captivating destinations. Whether you’re a resident or a traveler, the well-organized bus schedule ensures that you can seamlessly traverse the distance between Al Ain and Umm Al Quwain.

This reliable transportation option allows you to enjoy the journey without the stress of driving, making your trip even more enjoyable and memorable. Let’s delve into the details of the Al Ain to Umm Al Quwain bus timings and discover how you can embark on a hassle-free adventure between these two remarkable cities.

Al Ain to Umm Al Quwain Bus Timings
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Exploring the enchanting emirate of Umm Al Quwain from Al Ain is a journey worth undertaking, especially when considering the captivating attractions this coastal gem has to offer.

The allure of Umm Al Quwain lies in its rich coastal mangroves that grace the shores of the Arabian Gulf, creating a picturesque landscape that’s perfect for nature enthusiasts.

The archipelago of islands that stretches eastward from the mainland, with the prominent Al Seniah Island as its centerpiece, provides a haven for Arabian gazelles, falcons, and turtles.

Beyond its natural wonders, Umm Al Quwain boasts a plethora of recreational opportunities that cater to every taste.

Whether you’re an adventure seeker looking to sail across its azure waters or an adrenaline junkie yearning for the thrill of skydiving, the emirate has it all.

Additionally, Umm Al Quwain preserves its cultural heritage through traditional activities like dhow building, while also embracing the excitement of falconry and camel racing.

For families and thrill-seekers alike, the renowned Dreamland Aqua Park stands as the UAE’s largest water park and resort, drawing numerous visitors seeking endless enjoyment.

This dynamic blend of nature’s beauty, cultural traditions, and thrilling amusements makes Umm Al Quwain an irresistible destination for those venturing from Al Ain.


Here is a map of the route taken by buses plying between Al Ain and Umm Al Quwain. There is no direct bus service between these two emirates, but the trip has only one bus transfer, and the entire trip will take four hours and 41 minutes.



1. Al Ain Central Bus Station

  • Address: Al Towayya, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
  • Nearby Landmarks: Al Ain Mall, Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, Al Ain Oasis, Al Ain National Museum

>> Take Bus 118

>> Get off at the next stop

2. Al Jubail Bus Terminal 2

  • Address: Al Jubail, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • Nearby Landmarks: Sharjah Aquarium, Al Jubail Souq, Sharjah Science Museum, Khalid Lagoon Corniche

3. Al Jubail Bus Terminal 3

  • Address: Al Jubail, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • Nearby Landmarks: Sharjah Heritage Museum, Sharjah Art Museum, Al Noor Mosque, Sharjah Gold Souq

>> Get on Bus 115

>> Get off at the next stop

4. Umm Al Quwain, Public transport stop

  • Address: Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates
  • Nearby Landmarks: Dreamland Aqua Park, Umm Al Quwain Corniche, Al Sinniyah Island, Umm Al Quwain Museum

Bus Schedule and Timings

Bus 118

Bus Operating Hours:

Bus 118 operates throughout the week, from Monday to Sunday, ensuring that you have flexible options to plan your trip.

Monday to Sunday:

  • Starts at: 03:45 AM
  • Ends at: 11:00 PM

Bus Frequency:

The bus frequency varies based on the time of day, allowing you to choose a departure that suits your schedule.

Between 3:45 AM to 6:00 AM:

  • Buses run at an interval of every 45 minutes.

Between 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM:

  • Buses run at an interval of every 60 minutes.

Bus 115

Bus 115 Schedule and Timings:

Bus 115 operates with a consistent schedule throughout the week, making it convenient for travelers to plan their journeys effectively. The bus runs daily from Sunday to Saturday, ensuring that commuters have reliable transportation options every day. Here’s a breakdown of the operating hours and frequency for Bus 115:

  • Sunday:
    • Operating Hours: 5:17 AM – 10:11 PM
    • Frequency: Approximately every 52 minutes
  • Monday:
    • Operating Hours: 5:17 AM – 10:11 PM
    • Frequency: Approximately every 52 minutes
  • Tuesday:
    • Operating Hours: 5:17 AM – 10:11 PM
    • Frequency: Approximately every 52 minutes
  • Wednesday:
    • Operating Hours: 5:17 AM – 10:11 PM
    • Frequency: Approximately every 52 minutes
  • Thursday:
    • Operating Hours: 5:17 AM – 10:11 PM
    • Frequency: Approximately every 52 minutes
  • Friday:
    • Operating Hours: 5:17 AM – 10:11 PM
    • Frequency: Approximately every 52 minutes
  • Saturday:
    • Operating Hours: 5:17 AM – 10:11 PM
    • Frequency: Approximately every 52 minutes

Bus Fare and Other Features

Bus 118

  1. Economical Fare: One of the most appealing aspects of Bus 118 is its affordability. A one-way ticket for this route is priced at just 33 AED (USD 9), making it an incredibly economical way to travel between Sharjah and Al Ain. This wallet-friendly fare allows you to explore these two cities without straining your budget.
  2. Air-Conditioned Comfort: No matter the weather outside, you can expect a comfortable journey on [Bus 118]. All buses on this route are equipped with efficient air conditioning, ensuring a pleasant and cool environment for passengers throughout the entire trip.
  3. Cafeteria & Vending Machines: Traveling can work up an appetite, and [Bus 118] takes care of that. Cafeteria services and vending machines are available at all main bus stops along the route. This means you can easily grab a snack or a refreshing beverage during your journey, keeping you energized for your destination.
  4. Convenient E-Card Machines: SRTA introduces convenience through E-Card Machines. Simply tag in and out with your electronic card, streamlining the process of boarding and alighting the bus. This hassle-free method adds an extra layer of ease to your travel experience.
  5. Accessibility for All: [Bus 118] ensures that everyone can travel comfortably. For people of determination, there are dedicated spaces for wheelchairs and other accessibility features, ensuring that everyone can make use of this convenient mode of transportation.
  6. Information Screens: Staying informed has never been easier. Multiple information screens on the bus host essential details about bus stops, routes, and general notifications. This feature keeps you updated about your journey and any relevant information you might need along the way.

Bus 115

Bus Fare: One of the most attractive features of Bus 115 is its wallet-friendly fare. For just AED 27, you can enjoy a seamless journey between your starting point and your destination. This competitive fare ensures that your travel expenses remain reasonable, making Bus 115 an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Comfort and Accessibility: When you choose Bus 115, you’re not just choosing affordability – you’re also opting for comfort and accessibility. The buses on this route are fully air-conditioned, providing a refreshing environment even during the hottest days. Additionally, the buses are equipped with special ramps and facilities to cater to the needs of People of Determination. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that everyone can travel comfortably and without barriers.

Sharjah Transport’s Commitment: Bus 115 is just one of the many intercity routes operated by Sharjah Transport. With a fleet of over 200 public buses, Sharjah Transport has established itself as a reliable and customer-oriented transportation service. Whether you’re commuting for work, leisure, or other purposes, Sharjah Transport is dedicated to providing you with a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

Other Transport Options

  1. Cheapest Option: Bus Adventure

Duration: Approximately 5 hours and 34 minutes

  • For budget-conscious travelers, taking the bus is a fantastic way to reach your destination while keeping costs in check.
  • Start your journey by catching the bus from Al Madina Petrol Station 2 to Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, with a transfer to Bus E201 that heads towards Ras al Khaimah Airport.
  • This route offers you the opportunity to soak in the scenery, relax, and possibly even make new friends during the journey.
  • With a fare ranging from AED 65 to AED 87, this option is not only economical but also allows you to experience the landscape as you travel.

Alternative Option: Hit the Road

Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 46 minutes

  • If you’re looking for more autonomy and a quicker way to reach Umm al-Quwain, driving could be the right choice for you.
  • Covering a distance of 176.2 km, the drive from Al Ain City to Umm al-Quwain can be completed in around 1 hour and 46 minutes.
  • Not only does this option provide a shorter travel time, but it also offers you the flexibility to stop along the way and explore any interesting spots that catch your eye.
  • With estimated costs ranging from AED 70 to AED 110, driving gives you the chance to enjoy the open road at your own pace.

As you weigh your options, consider your priorities. If saving money is paramount and you’re open to a longer journey, the bus is an excellent choice.

On the other hand, if you value efficiency and want to arrive at your destination quickly, driving may be the way to go. Ultimately, the decision rests on your preferences, budget, and the experience you want to have.

Whichever route you choose, remember that the journey itself is part of the adventure.

Tips when Traveling from Al Ain to Umm Al Quwain by Bus

  1. Book Your Tickets Online in Advance
  • Streamline your travel plans by booking your bus tickets online ahead of time.
  • The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT) operates the bus service, allowing you to conveniently secure your seat through their website or app.
  • By doing so, you’ll skip long lines at the bus station and even enjoy discounted fares.
  1. Time Your Travel Wisely
  • Consider the timing of your journey to make the most of your trip.
  • While the bus service operates daily from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm, traffic conditions can vary. Locals advise avoiding peak hours, early mornings, late afternoons, weekends, and holidays, as these periods are busiest on the road.
  • Opt for midday or evening travel for a smoother and quicker journey.
  1. Pack Efficiently
  • Adhere to the luggage guidelines set by the bus service for a hassle-free experience.
  • Passengers are allowed one piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 20 kg and dimensions not exceeding 56 x 36 x 23 cm.
  • Additionally, bring a compact handbag or backpack that can fit under your seat or in the overhead compartment. Travel light for comfort and to avoid extra baggage fees.
  1. Snacks and Hydration
  • Prepare for the journey by packing a selection of snacks and beverages.
  • As the bus service doesn’t provide food or drinks onboard, locals suggest bringing local treats like dates, nuts, dried fruits, or halwa.
  • Stay refreshed with water or juice. Remember, alcohol and pork products are prohibited by UAE law.
  1. Embrace the Journey
  • The bus route promises breathtaking views and cultural insights.
  • Passing through various emirates like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, the scenery transitions from desert to mountains, sea, and urban vistas.
  • Capture the beauty with photos and videos, and delve into the history and culture of each emirate. Engage with fellow passengers and the bus driver for intriguing stories and insider tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the travel time from Al Ain to Umm Al Quwain by bus?

The average journey duration from Al Ain to Umm Al Quwain by bus is approximately 4 hours and 41 minutes. However, this can vary based on traffic, weather, bus operator, stops, and departure time.

2. What’s the cost to travel by bus from Al Ain to Umm Al Quwain?

The typical one-way fare for a bus ride from Al Ain to Umm Al Quwain is around 60 AED (approximately 16.4 USD). Yet, prices may differ depending on factors such as bus operator, seat category, and available discounts.

3. How frequent are buses from Al Ain to Umm Al Quwain?

Several bus companies, including RTA, Etihad Bus, and Emirates Express, operate the Al Ain to Umm Al Quwain route. Bus frequency may vary by day, time, and season. Generally, expect at least one bus per hour from 6 am to 10 pm.

4. Where can I access the bus schedule for this route?

For the bus schedule between Al Ain and Umm Al Quwain, you can either check online through bus operators’ websites or apps, or offline by visiting bus stations in either city. Third-party platforms like Busbud or Rome2rio are also helpful.

5. Which are the departure and arrival points for buses?

Departure points in Al Ain differ depending on the bus operator. Common locations include Al Ain Bus Station, Al Ain Mall, and Al Jimi Mall. Arrival points in Umm Al Quwain also vary. Popular spots include Umm Al Quwain Bus Station, Dreamland Aqua Park, and Barracuda Beach Resort.

6. What onboard facilities do these buses offer?

Bus amenities differ by operator and seat type. However, typical features include air conditioning, reclining seats, free Wi-Fi, USB ports, TV screens, and restroom facilities.

7. Any tips for a bus journey from Al Ain to Umm Al Quwain?

Here are some helpful tips for your bus adventure:

– Book your tickets early for seat availability and potential savings.

– Confirm the schedule and departure location ahead of time, arriving at least 15 minutes before departure.

– Have your ID or passport and ticket confirmation on hand.

– Pack light and avoid oversized baggage.

– Bring snacks and drinks or buy them during stops.

– Dress comfortably and carry a jacket or blanket.

– Enjoy the scenery and relax during the trip.

8. What attractions can I explore in Umm Al Quwain?

Umm Al Quwain offers a range of attractions for diverse interests:

  1. Dreamland Aqua Park: Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates A sprawling water park that offers a plethora of thrilling rides, slides, and pools, making it an ideal destination for families and adventure seekers alike.
  2. Barracuda Beach Resort: Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates This beachfront resort provides a relaxing ambiance and a range of recreational activities, including beach access, swimming, water sports, and more.
  3. UAQ Marine Club: Address: King Faisal Street, Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates A hub for water enthusiasts, offering opportunities for kayaking, sailing, fishing, diving, snorkeling, and other aquatic adventures.
  4. UAQ Museum: Address: King Abdullah Street, Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates A cultural treasure trove that showcases the emirate’s history, traditions, and artifacts, providing insights into its rich heritage.
  5. UAQ Mangroves: Address: Near Marine Research Center, Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates A serene natural reserve featuring mangrove forests and diverse wildlife, perfect for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

These attractions collectively offer a blend of excitement, relaxation, culture, and nature, ensuring that visitors to Umm Al Quwain have a range of experiences to choose from during their stay.


In conclusion, the journey from the scenic city of Al Ain to the enchanting emirate of Umm Al Quwain is made effortless and pleasurable through the thoughtfully designed bus timings on this route.

Whether you’re a local resident or an adventurous traveler, the well-structured bus schedule offers a seamless way to traverse the distance between these two alluring destinations.

This dependable mode of transportation allows you to relish the voyage without the concerns of navigating traffic, enriching your trip with relaxation and ease.

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