Applying for an Emirates ID in Dubai

My employer told me the other day that I should apply for an Emirates ID. I finished my Medical Examination in Al Quoz the week before and I could’ve also applied for an Emirates ID then. However, I was running short on my finances since I had to pay for it myself. That’s why I was only able to do it now.

emirates identity authority
Emirates Identity Authority center in Al Satwa

I was advised to go to a Typing Center in order to have my name is registered.
The typing center is a place where you will pay 240 Dirhams and have the staff encode your contact information to be added into the UAE system.
There are lots of centers around, and I went to one in Bur Dubai. I paid the registration fee and filled out my name, address, and other details. I also surrendered my passport. It was a quick visit, I was advised to wait for a text message from the Emirates ID Card team for further updates.

The next step was to capture my biometrics at one of the Emirates Identity Authority service points.

Dubai Emirates Identity Authority in Al Satwa

“To complete your registration please proceed to one of our service points available at preventive medical centers while performing your residency medical test. Kindly make sure the new/renewed residency is issued within 14 days from the date of completing the biometric capturing process to avoid the cancellation of the application.”

I claimed my passport back from the Typing Center and the next day, proceeded to the ID Office in Al Satwa. I arrived early and at 7am, I was client number 2. I had my fingerprints and picture-taking done and finished within 10 minutes. It was a fast transaction. After getting my papers, I submitted them (including my passport) to my employer who rushed it to the Immigration office so I could get my Work Visa.

dubai emirates ID
Getting my Biometrics

After a few days, I received a text message from the Emirates ID Card Team saying that my application was incomplete and I needed to update my records.

Message: “Confirmation of new residency information for ******* was incomplete. Kindly proceed to an authorized typing center within 5 business days to scan the new residency sticker to avoid cancelation of the application and to complete the registration process. If you have received the ID card, please ignore this notification.”

Basically, when I went to the Typing Center at the beginning, I still had a temporary visa. I needed to register first and then have my employer process the residency/work visa before I would have to go back to the Typing Center to update my application with the new work visa that is stamped on my passport.

So when my employer gave me back my passport, I already have my Work Visa attached! I just had it scanned at the original typing center so they could update my information. I just need to wait for another text message within the next 2 weeks with the details of where to claim my Emirates ID. I’m excited!

For more details about our Emirates ID application, you can call their hotline with your application number.

Emirates Identity Authority Hotline: 600 5 30003

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