From The Dubai Mall to Deira City Center

I have been transferred to the shop in Deira City Center after having been in the outlet in The Dubai Mall for almost 3 months. This transfer was brought about by the DCC staff resigning from company. So with any other business, the company had to replace them. Another colleague and I were the ones who were transferred due to the needs of the business.

dubai metro station entrance
RTA Metro station Entrance

In the beginning, I thought that this was a major downgrade since the physical setup of the shop in DCC is a far cry from that of TDM. This was the first shop and everything looks old. When I stopped by the place, I saw so many things that need retouching. Actually, a renovation should be done! I couldn’t really complain as much since I’m still new in the company. I’m taking this as a challenge to do better sales in this outlet. I’m not sure if I can pull it off, but I’ll continue doing what I normally do.

From Burjuman station to Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Station to Burjuman to Deira City Center Station

The downside to this change of environment is that I have to pay more for my RTA metro transport fare. From 4.60 Dirhams per day from Burjuman station to Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Station and back, I now have to pay 8.20 Dirhams from Burjuman station to Deira City Center station. A colleague said that even if Deira City Center is near Burjuman station, they are located on different Zones which explains the price hike. I still don’t get it but whatever.

Also, I don’t have a place to sleep or take a nap during my break period! Oh well.

Less Pressure

At least with this other branch, I’m not pressured as much. It’s a small shop and I actually have the time to blog about my experiences in Dubai! I can kill time by writing articles and stories about my adventures here. By then, I’ll be able to transfer the written blog posts and publish them online with my laptop at home!

I’m taking advantage of the opportunity which is really perfect since I can now update my sites!

Now, I just have to continue working probably for the next year before I explore other options about finding a job with bigger salary. I will have gained work experience and life in Dubai by then.

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