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Scheduled for a Medical Exam

The other day, my boss told me that I needed to get my medical certificate. I was given a piece of paper with some attached documents. The paper contained an online receipt of the payment they made so I could head to the Dubai Health Authority.

I asked where I should have my medical exam and I was instructed to go to Al Quoz Mall where a health center is also located. I tried checking online for other places since Al Quoz is a bit far from Bur Dubai.

dubai health authority website
Dubai Health Authority Website

I found out that there were a lot of Dubai Health Authority centers and each center has its designated category of clients. For example, the health center in Al Quoz is for corporate male employees. Others will have to take the medical test somewhere else. This somehow has made the process easier and more convenient for others. I just hope that the place won’t get so crowded when I visit it.

They also advised me that I should go there early in the morning as the queue can get long. It may take a half a day in order to complete everything. For my job type as a retail sales executive, I only need to have a blood test and X-ray scan. For those in the Health and Food & Beverage industry, they will most likely have to submit a stool sample.

This medical exam is not something I am looking forward to but I don’t really have that much choice but to go through the process just like everybody else.

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