How to Get MRN Number in Dubai Online

When it comes to health matters, one of the things that you should have as a resident of Dubai is your MRN. These letters stand for “Medical record Number,” a unique number issued to each resident by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

The MRN typically appears in medical documents such as lab tests, hospital discharge summaries, and so on. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the MRN was also among the requirements for getting a vaccine. In this article, we will learn more about this number, and how you can get it if you don’t have one yet.

How to Get MRN Number in Dubai Online
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Guide to Getting MRN Number in Dubai Online

As mentioned earlier, the MRN is issued by the Dubai Health Authority or DHA. This is the authority that provides licensing and regulation for Dubai’s healthcare sector, including public and private clinics and hospitals. Keep on reading to learn more about the MRN and how you can get one online!

What is MRN?

Basically, the Medical Record Number or MRN serves as a Dubai resident’s unique identification number. Whenever you get vaccinated, hospitalised, or avail of medical assistance in a DHA facility (e.g. primary health centre, maternity centre, or DHA hospital) — you need a valid MRN to gain access to their services.

As an identification tool, the MRN can be used to record and track your medical records. This number makes it easier for healthcare providers to check your medical history and provide the appropriate treatment that you need.

Why Do I Need an MRN?

There are many good reasons why should have an MRN. For one thing, it is one of the requirements when getting a COVID-19 vaccine and even future vaccines. There have been cases of people not getting vaccinated because they did not have an MRN.

Secondly, you need an MRN when setting an appointment with a DHA clinic or hospital. Even if you are a walk-in patient, you will be asked for your MRN, too.

Moreover, since the MRN is used to record and track your medical records, it is a big help to doctors and healthcare specialists who need to know more about your medical history. In cases of emergency, knowing your MRN enables doctors to easily access your past medical cases and treatments.

Finally, when you move to another city or emirate, and you happen to lose your printed medical records and prescription — there’s no need to worry because as long as you have your MRN, you can access electronic copies of your medical records.

How to Get MRN Number Online

Now that you know more about the MRN, let’s talk about how you can get one! On the other hand, maybe you already have an MRN, but you have forgotten your number. Either way, you can get an MRN online simply by following these steps:

  1. Go to the official website of DHA. This link shall direct you to the “Create Medical Record Number (CRN)” webpage.
  2. Enter your Emirates ID number, which is located in the front of your emirates ID card, just above the center. Click “Submit.”
  3. A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the mobile number that is connected to your Emirates ID. (NOTE: Be sure to link your mobile number with your Emirates ID before getting an MRN.)
  4. Upon entering the OTP, your MRN will be displayed onscreen. Take note of this number and write it down. You can now use it to set a medical appointment, register for a vaccination, or access other medical services.
How to Get MRN Number in Dubai Online
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Video: How to Get MRN Number at DHA Website

To have a better idea on how to get your MRN number online, check out this video below. This short video features how you can get your MRN number at the DHA website. It was shared via the YouTube channel of Farhad Ali, a vlogger based in the UAE:

Frequently Asked Questions

Meanwhile, here are some commonly asked questions and answers about how to get an MRN in Dubai:

1. What is an MRN?

The letters “MRN” stand for “Medical Record Number,” a unique number issued to every resident of Dubai. The MRN is issued by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

2. Why do I need an MRN?

The MRN serves as an identification number for each Dubai resident who needs to access medical services. It is required when setting an appointment with a DHA facility, registering for a vaccine, and availing of various medical services. In addition, the MRN makes it easier to record and track your medical history.

3. How can I get my MRN number?

To get an MRN, all you have to do is go to the official website of DHA, enter your Emirates ID, and then enter the OTP that will be sent to your mobile number. Afterwards, your MRN will be displayed onscreen.

4. What if I am unable to generate an MRN?

In case you have followed the above steps, but are still unable to generate an MRN, you can get in touch with the Dubai Health Authority through the contact information given below.

5. How can I learn more about MRN?

You can learn more about the MRN and the DHA’s services by getting in touch with them using the details provided below.

Contact Information: Dubai Health Authority

Here are the contact details of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) headquarters. Please note that their office is open from Mondays to Thursdays (7:30 am to 3:30 pm), and every Friday (7:30 am to 12:00 pm). The office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Address: Al Jaddaf, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971 800 342

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Indeed, the MRN is an important number that every Dubai resident should have. Along with your Emirates ID and health card, you should always have it with you whenever you need medical treatment, especially in cases of emergency. With this number, you can easily access various medical services at any DHA facility in Dubai.

Speaking of medical matters, another important thing to have is health insurance. Check out this article to learn more about how you can apply for health insurance here in Dubai.

DISCLAIMER: The above guide is presented for general, information-sharing purposes only. To know more about how to get a Medical Record Number or MRN, please visit the official website of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).