Car Registration via Online Only Starting July 22

Starting 22nd July 2018, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will no longer offer certain services through affiliated centres. Instead, these services shall accessed online, according to an RTA press release.

This latest move is part of the agency’s gradual transition to “smart and e-channels.” It goes in line with the government’s Smart City initiative, wherein more services are diverted online.


RTA Diverts 8 Services to Online Channels

“As of July 22, 2018, RTA will cease offering eight services through affiliated centres as they will be on offer via smart channels such as RTA portal (, Dubai Drive app, Smart Teller, and Call Centre (8009090),” announced the CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency, Abdullah Yousef Al Ali.

“These services have been developed for running on smart channels,” he explained. “Announcements have already been made for shifting them to smart services, such that they will gradually be ceased on 22 July.”

The 8 services to be diverted are as follows:

  1. Clearance certificate
  2. Re-insurance certificate
  3. Return from tour certificate
  4. Vehicle(s) ownership certificate
  5. First owner registration certificate
  6. Printing of a detailed list of registered vehicles
  7. Ownership certificate in replacement of lost/damaged one
  8. Renewal of registration of individually-owned vehicle that needs testing

Furthermore, the following services shall be diverted in October:

  • Payment of fines
  • Changing of number plate
  • Renewal of vehicle ownership
  • Changing of vehicle ownership w/ number plate

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
“The delivery of licensing and other services of RTA via smart and e-channels is in line with RTA’s policy aligned with the Government’s directives to cut the number of visitors to service centres, streamline transaction processing and enhance customers satisfaction rating as a result of saving customers’ time and effort,” Al Ali stated.

“It also echoes RTA’s strategic goals: Smart Dubai and People Happiness,” he added.

Indeed, accessing these services online is more convenient! We don’t have to rush out from work or even take time off just to avail of these services. Meanwhile, if you need to renew your driving license anytime soon, here’s how to renew your driving license in Dubai.

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