Emirates Offers Discounted Summer Flights to 30 Cities

Have you made any summer plans yet? Thinking of jetting off somewhere for a vacation? If yes, what better way to travel than with Emirates, one of the world’s safest airlines! And, what do you know — Dubai’s flagship carrier has announced discounted rates for the summer!

Emirates’ special summer rates apply to over 30 cities around the world, including the Philippines. So whether you are planning to visit your hometown, set foot in your dream destination, or explore different cultures — now is the best time to book those tickets!

Emirates’ special summer rates are here!
Image Credit: Emirates FB Page

Special Summer Rates from Emirates

According to their website, Emirates’ discounted summer rates apply to flights bought today until July 23, 2018. Meanwhile, the travel period is until May 31, 2019 only.

If you are going to the Philippines, you can book Economy Class return tickets at these rates:

  • Cebu — starts at AED 2,585
  • Manila — starts at AED 2,065


Screengrab from emirates.com

On the other hand, if you are going somewhere else in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe, the following discounted rates apply:

  • Amman — starts at AED 1,225
  • Bangkok — starts at AED 2,415
  • Barcelona — starts at AED 2,985
  • Beirut — starts at AED 880
  • Cairo — starts at AED 1,415
  • Casablanca — starts at AED 2,365
  • Cape Town — starts at AED 3,495
  • Chennai — starts at AED 1,010
  • Dar Es Salaam — starts at AED 1,815
  • Frankfurt — starts at AED 2,695
  • Hanoi — starts at AED 2,565
  • Ho Chi Minh City — starts at AED 2,545
  • Islamabad — starts at AED 1,185
  • Istanbul — starts at AED 2,715
  • Johannesburg — starts at AED 2,915
  • Karachi — starts at AED 1,140
  • Kuala Lumpur — starts at AED 2,085
  • Lisbon — starts at AED 3,205
  • London — starts at AED 2,315
  • Malé — starts at AED 2,775
  • Mauritius — starts at AED 3,505
  • Milan — starts at AED 3,045
  • Mumbai — starts at AED 1,045
  • Munich — starts at AED 2,885
  • Nairobi — starts at AED 1,745
  • Paris — starts at AED 3,565
  • Phnom Penh — starts at AED 2,575
  • Phuket — starts at AED 3,065
  • Prague — starts at AED 2,415
  • Santiago — starts at AED 5,675
  • Seychelles — starts at AED 3,045
  • Zagreb — starts at AED 2,675
  • Zurich — starts at AED 2,975

The special summer rates also apply to Business Class tickets. For more information about these flights, as well as the full terms and conditions, please visit Emirates official website.

Screengrab from emirates.com

With these discounted rates, traveling this summer is made more affordable! Speaking of Emirates, we’ve heard that they are currently seeking to fill certain positions. If you are interested in a career with this airline, check out these Emirates job openings.

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