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Dubai Lists

Lists of just about anything. Top Places to See. Must-Do Activities. List of Food to Try. Everything that is listed in superlatives.

Emirates NBD logo

Emirates NBD is a leading banking group in the region. In case you want to know the branches available of this bank in Dubai, please check the information below for a directory listing. Also Read: Guide to Banking, Taxes and Wills in UAE Emirates NBD was formed on 19 June 1963, when H.H. Late Sheikh… Read more

mashreq bank logo

Since 1967, Mashreq Bank has provided millions of customers and businesses with banking and financial services. If you want to know the locations of the Mashreq branches in Dubai as well as the ATM locations, please check the list below. Also Read: List of Emirates NBD Branches and ATMs in Dubai Mashreq is one of the… Read more

Emirates Islamic Bank logo

Emirates Islamic propelled in 2004 as one of four Islamic banks in the nation. If you want to know the locations of the Emirates Islamic bank branches in Dubai as well as the ATM locations, please check the list below. Also Read: List of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) Branches and ATMs in Dubai The bank… Read more

ADCB logo

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank or ADCB was shaped in 1985 as an open shareholding organization with constrained risk, following the mergers between Emirates Commercial Bank, Federal Commercial Bank and Khaleej Commercial Bank, which was built up in 1975.  If you want to know the locations of the ADCB branches in Dubai as well as the… Read more


HSBC is one of the world’s biggest banking and budgetary administrations associations. In the UAE, they have established themselves and have many locations for residents to sign up for accounts and take advantage of the services available If you want to know the locations of the HSBC in Dubai as well as the ATM locations, please… Read more

rules first time uae visit

A few decades ago, many people have heard of the UAE, but only a few would know what the letters actually stand for. But today, the country is one of the world’s top business centers and tourism hubs. Almost everybody is now familiar with the “United Arab Emirates.” Related Post: UAE Do’s and Dont’s Nowadays,… Read more

Here are Five Tips to Enjoy your Travel this Eid Al Adha

After the UAE government has announced a four-day holiday break for the Eid Al Adha celebrations, many have started to come up with plans to travel over the short holiday break. However, if you are pressed for time or just a little short in the budget, there’s definitely the option to go around the UAE,… Read more

20 Best Business Ideas in UAE

Dubai is a city that always welcomes innovation and fosters a conducive environment for new business opportunities. As the lifestyle and work dynamics change in Dubai, there arises a host of small business opportunities that could be later turned into an established business entity. Also Read: How to Set up a Company in Dubai Here… Read more

List of Banned Items in the UAE

If you are planning to go to the UAE, or if you have friends who are coming to visit, then you should avoid bringing items that are banned in the country. Depending on the kind of item, carrying them with you could lead to a hefty fine and even imprisonment or deportation. Related Post: List… Read more

countries free philippine visa

Below is a list of countries who DO NOT need to apply for a Philippine tourist visa beforehand as you are granted free visa. Foreign nationals who are planning to enter the Philippines, please check if your country passport is included below. If your country is on the list, then you are fortunate to experience… Read more

filipino dishes during noche buena phil embassy UAE

Christmas is in the air and OFWs around the world tend to celebrate this special season during the culminating night called “Noche Buena” (December 24th) when everybody awaits for the clock to strike midnight. During this evening, Pinoys tend to prepare a buffet feast consisting of a variety dishes which is shared among each other.… Read more


There are many malls in Dubai where you can buy the latest fashions, accessories, and electronic gadgets. However, if you are looking for a truly unique shopping experience, then you should explore the city’s souks – traditional markets that offer local as well as international brands. Souks in Dubai sell almost everything, including jewellery, perfumes, spices,… Read more

dubai budget travel tips

Whether it’s for business, pleasure, or a bit of both — going on a trip to Dubai is on most people’s bucket lists. But for budget-conscious travelers, their main concern when planning a trip to the emirate is this: touring Dubai is expensive. Indeed, the cost of living in Dubai is a tad higher than in… Read more

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