Top 8 Christian Bookstores in the UAE

Reading the scriptures or doing Bible study in a small group setting at least once a week is essential as a Christian. Not only will it deepen your faith in Jesus, but meditating on the words of God will renew your mind, which will help you fight homesickness or depression as an OFW or an expat and encourage you to have faith in times of trials and tribulations abroad or your home country.

You don’t have to worry about being a Christian in the UAE since it allows expats to have freedom to worship their faith, providing there will be no discord in moral values or the public. UAE’s official religion is Islam; however, the recent opening of the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi shows how accepting the country is when it comes to different religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Here is a roundup of Christian bookstores or churches where you can buy Christian books, the Holy Bible, and theology resources!

1. Bible Society Book Centre

Address: Dubai Evangelical Church Centre – Jebel Ali Village – Dubai
Telephone: +971 4 808 9955
Timing:12-6 pm during weekdays, 12-8 pm during weekends, closed every Monday
Best Items: Bibles, Devotionals, Christian Resources, and Merchandises
Pricing: AED 50 above

Christian bookworms will love shopping at the Bible Society Book Centre in the Dubai Evangelical Church Centre in Jebel Ali Village. Not only does it has a variety of books and materials available in store, but you’ll love the cozy vibe of the bookstore! Many churchgoers or Christians in the UAE go to Jebel Ali to buy their books and it’s hard to see why! 

When you enter the church, you’ll see the glass-paneled bookstore that invites you to join with its neatly stacked books and those displayed on the front. You can find many versions of the Bibles here, from a large print version of the ESV Bible to the compact Bibles. Many Christian devotionals, study guides, and theology references are also available that are perfect for theology or seminary students in the country. You’ll lose track of time browsing the shop since there are many to explore. You can buy Christian souvenirs or arts and crafts there, from bookmarks to Bible covers! The best part is you can purchase a gift voucher for a friend or a loved one here. Just take note: you can’t take a photo in the bookstore! You can buy In-store or pick it up in this bookstore. 


2. Book Kinokuniya

Address: The Dubai Mall, Level 2 – Unit SF – 098 – 99 Financial Center Rd – Dubai
Telephone: +971 4 434 0111
Timing: 10 am-11 pm during weekdays, 10 am-12 am during weekends
Best Items: Bibles, Devotionals, Faith-based novels, Christian Resources and Merchandise
Pricing: AED 50 above

There are few Christian bookstores in the country since its majority an Islamic state, however, you can still buy Christian books and faith-based materials in major book retailers like the Book Kinokuniya branch in Dubai Mall, its one of the biggest bookstores in the mall. You can find many Christian and other religious books in-store, such as Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Timothy Keller books, and CS Lewis books, to name a few!

The Book Kinokuniya is one of the best UAE-based bookstores you should visit if you’re a book lover! You’ll see not only faith-based books here but also magazines and more. While shopping or dining out in Dubai Mall, why don’t you stop at this bookstore?


3. Theology Matters ME

Address: None (Purely online but based in Dubai, UAE)
Telephone: +971 4 434 0111
Timing: You can order anytime. Just chat with the admin on WhatsApp
Best Items: Bibles, Devotionals, Christian Resources, and Merchandises
Pricing: AED 65 above


If you’re a fan of buying books online rather than in-store, don’t worry. You can still purchase Christian books in the comfort of your home. Theology Matters ME is a bookstore with a mission of providing trustworthy Biblical resources in the region. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bookworm, a seminarian, or someone volunteering in the church and wanting to grow in your faith. 

You can rely on Theology Matters ME to give you book recommendations worth your time. They have plenty of books you can browse on their Instagram page, such as Bibles, devotionals, academic books, biographies, and more! You can order merchandise from Theology Matters ME, such as beautifully illustrated verse cards and Heidelberg Q&A1 posters. 

The founders of Theology Matters ME are a husband and wife duo who have faithfully sold biblical resources that inspire and educate Christian believers in and out of the region! Once you’re ready to purchase Christian books from them, you can contact them via WhatsApp or message them directly via Instagram. The admin and founder, Carlos Roxas is ready to accommodate you!


4. Fellowship Dubai Church

Address: Metro Station – Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments – Sheikh Zayed Rd – opposite Internet City – Dubai
Telephone: +971 4 244 3280
Timing: Sunday worship services 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, and 7pm.
Best Items: Devotionals, Christian Resources and Merchandises
Pricing: AED 50 above

Fellowship Dubai, commonly known before as Fellowship of the Emirates, is one of the Christian churches in Dubai. You can visit their bookstall that sells Christian resources such as books or devotionals in one of their on-site worship service location in the Two Seasons Hotel on the fourth floor.

After worship service, you can grab some snacks, enjoy meaningful conversations with your churchmates, and grab a book or two in their bookstall. In Fellowship Dubai, you don’t have to buy a Bible since all you have to do is say hi to the welcome team and ask for a Bible whether they have it in English or Filipino, they might have Bibles in other languages too, and it’s free.

5. Redeemer Church of Dubai

Address: Millennium Plaza Downtown Suites, 23215 Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Centre – Trade Centre 1 – Dubai
Telephone: N/A
Timing: Sunday worship services, 8 am-5pm
Best Items: Devotionals, Christian Resources and Merchandises
Pricing: AED 50 above

Another Christian church where you can attend a worship service and at the same time bring some new books home is the Redeemer Church of Dubai; they have a bookstall you can check after the service. There are plenty of books to see, and you don’t have to worry if you can’t pick one since there’s a team to help you out by recommending you the best Christian books or resources! The Redeemer Church of Dubai is located in the Millenium Plaza Downtown Suites near Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre.


6. Amazon. AE

Address: None (Purely online)
Telephone: None
Timing: You can order anytime
Best Items: Bibles, Devotionals, Christian Resources, and Merchandises
Pricing: AED 50 above

If you’re a massive fan of online shopping, then you can consider buying Christian books on Amazon AE; not only it’s efficient for you to buy online, but you don’t have to go out, and you’ll get your books on your doorstep. E-commerce is a huge contributing factor to the economy of the UAE. In Amazon AE, you’ll find many Christian books and Bibles. You don’t have to worry about your next reads when you’re in the country.


7. Binge. AE

Address: None (Purely online)
Telephone: None
Timing: You can order anytime
Best Items: Bibles, Devotionals, Christian Resources and Merchandise
Pricing: AED 17 above

Another e-commerce store you should consider when you’re shopping Christian books or resources is Binge! There’s many books for you to explore in their store from devotionals to Bible coloring book. You’ll be seeing books from bestselling authors like Max Lucado and Thomas Nelson. 


8. The Holy Trinity Church

Address: 819d Street – Umm Hurair 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971 4 337 0247
Timing: Sunday worship services
Best Items: Bibles, Devotionals, Christian Resources and Merchandises
Pricing: N/A

The Holy Trinity Church in Oud Metha is a good location for those who live nearby the City Centre or are looking for a place to be fed spiritually; if you’re ever in the area and want to visit the church. It’s a church where various ethnicities go to, and other denominations are also renting on the assemble to conduct their services which means you can check if they have other Christian resources as well. You can also stop by the St Mary’s bookshop if you’re in the mood for a walk!

Final thoughts:

The list of Christian bookstores may not be comprehensive, but the good news is it will not hinder you in growing in your faith as a Christian who may recently moved to Dubai or you’re new to the faith and want to learn more since your local church will equip you and provide you resources that you will need from weekly Bible studies to learning materials. However, if you’re keen on learning more and getting a few books to take home, here is a list of Christian bookstores on-site or online where you can buy your preferred books. It’s important to remember that the UAE is still a predominantly Muslim country, and you shouldn’t be discouraged from practicing your faith. These stores will help you keep the fire of your faith!