9 UAE-based Book Stores for Your Next Book Shopping

Aside from the Kinokuniya bookstore in Dubai Mall, have you ever wondered what other UAE-based bookstores to explore? UAE is also perfect for literary lovers globally; aside from book cafes to the famous Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, here’s our roundup of the must-visit UAE-based bookstores; you can go book shopping whenever you feel like it!

1. Kinokuniya

Who hasn’t heard of Kinokuniya, of course? In the Dubai Mall, you’ll find one of its largest stores. The largest international bookstore with headquarters in Japan, Kinokuniya, has operated in a number of countries, including the United Arab Emirates, where it has had two locations (one each in Dubai and Abu Dhabi) since the 1990s.

Kinokuniya boasts two 6800 square foot bookstores at the Dubai Mall, stocked with over 500,000 titles in English, Arabic, French, and Japanese, among many other languages, to satisfy your inner bookworm.

2. Citizen Book

It was created by Mohamed El Mougy, a Dubai native and Instagram user who goes by the handle @CitizenBook. The idea is straightforward: after filling out a short online form, users receive a personalized book recommendation and other swag within a week.

Tired of seeing the world become more and more dependent on cell phones, El Mougy set out on a mission to popularize reading once more. All you have to do is to fill out a form with 17 questions about your reading habits, preferences in the genre, and other reading preferences, and you’re matched with a book depending on the answers you get. Popular works of fiction are included on the pins they sell.

Bookish Mystery Box is a monthly subscription service that sends its customers a selection of books from a wide variety of genres with the goal of encouraging them to try something new and exciting. They also provide book-related goods that the subscriber can use and enjoy.

This one-of-a-kind bookstore even hosts book clubs in different cafes across the city where readers may connect with other local readers. Buying books online has never appeared more entertaining.

3. Bookworm

Those who love book shopping in the Bookworm Dubai can now visit its Jumeirah branch. If you’re ever in need of a nice read while relaxing on Jumeirah beach or staying at the Jumeirah hotel, why not swing by the bookstore, Bookworm?

The short aisles of Bookworm are stocked to the brim with story tapes, toys, and brilliantly colored books that are sure to pique the interest of even the most reluctant reader. Every Thursday morning, children are treated to a special event: fairy-lit bedtime stories in a magical Arabian tent. The tent is furnished with bean bags so that the audience can settle in while looking for their next reads.

4. Al Mutanabbi bookshop

The following store on our list is great for anyone in the education field or those who are looking for cheap academic books. The AL Mutanabbi restaurant can be found directly across the street from the Burjuman Shopping Centre in Dubai. Besides fiction and nonfiction, it also provides books in scholarly fields for children and adults.

Except in extremely rare cases, internet orders will be fulfilled the same day they are placed and delivered the following day. They routinely have sales on textbooks, and those pertaining to the DHA and MOH are included in the deals. If you’re around Burjuman, you can visit the bookshop with its huge signage and spacious building.

6. The House of Prose

Those who grew up in the Gulf ( Gulf kids) or OFWs who have been working in Dubai for a while are likely familiar with The House of Prose. In addition to selling and buying books, this Dubai bookstore will also buy back previously purchased books from customers at a discount of 50%.

The history of this well-known used bookstore, owned by a 65-year-old American named Mike McGinley, is just as interesting as the prints it sells. Over its twenty years in the city, this gem has become known for its wide selection of prints at reasonable prices.

There are three locations in Dubai where you can shop at the house of prose: the Dubai Garden Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road, the Times Square Center on Sheikh Zayed Road, and the Jumeirah Plaza on Jumeirah Beach Road.

Novels on crime, travel, humor, self-help, and more can be found alongside cookbooks, science fiction, self-healing manuals, and books of their own genre. Despite popular belief, this bookstore actually carries both new and used titles, including educational materials for kids.

7. The Old Library

The Old Library is the oldest English language lending bookstore in Dubai; thus, history buffs need not go elsewhere. Also at Gold and Diamond Park is one of the city’s most reasonably priced bookstores. An additional 10,000 volumes suitable for kids, teens, and grownups can be found in the former library.

The bookstore is a non-profit organization that relies on the time and money of volunteers and donors. The customer will support the store through donations, subscriptions, and the purchase of used books. You may expect helpful guidance from the personnel, most of whom are volunteers. To avoid the late fee, simply return the book you rented from the bookstore.

8. Magrudys

Magrudys is another fantastic bookshop in Dubai. To back up its claim to being the UAE’s oldest bookshop, it now runs branches around the country. Having started out as a bookstore in 1975, the company has now expanded into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

While most bookstores focus on selling educational toys, school supplies, and books for children, some increasingly sell books for mom and kids, such as cookbooks, novels, and so on.

9. Book World

There’s a large Filipino community in Satwa, and if you’re one of the OFWs who are a bibliophile and is looking for other bookstores to explore, then Book World, like many of the city’s best-kept secrets, may be found in a quiet corner of Satwa. Don’t let the store’s out-of-the-way locale mislead you; it’s stocked to the rafters with amazing books. More books are hidden behind sliding shelves in conditions ranging from nearly new to nearly falling apart.

A book may be found for as little as Dhs 7 here, and if you buy one and return it, you’ll get half your money back. Popular with bookworms, this bookstore isn’t exactly well-organized, with reference materials like encyclopedias sitting next to lighter fare like romance novels and tarot-reading guides; shoppers should allow extra time if they’re looking for a specific title.