Top 7 Reasons to Visit the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library in Dubai

Books can take you to any part of the world, make you time travel, and learn more than you can in the four corners of a classroom. It has the power to introduce you to a whole new world. If you ever find yourself in the infamous city of Dubai and wondering where you can satisfy your bookworm desires aside from the numerous book cafes all over the city. On Dubai Creek, you can visit the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library in Al Jaddaf. If you’re riding the metro, you can go down by Al Jaddaf Metro station, which is 2.5 km away.

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If you think that Europe is the only continent for bookworms or literature lovers, let the Mohammed Bin Rashid library change your mind since the Middle East is making a case for literature and the cultural scene. It’s something you shouldn’t miss right after EXPO 2020; you’ll want to visit this billion-dollar library and discover the undiscovered gems of Arabic literature and culture.

1. It has a two-storey cafe

Of course, every library visit wouldn’t be complete without stopping by a cafe to reflect on what you have learned or simply indulge yourself in a cup of delicious coffee or pastries. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is also an excellent place for freelancer digital nomads or those looking for coworking spaces in the area. You won’t regret visiting the library since it’s ready to satisfy your cravings, whether for knowledge or mouthwatering food.

2. It has 7 floors of culture and knowledge


This beautifully designed architecture is spacious enough to house 7 floors of culture and knowledge, not including the garden, amphitheater, cafe, and library. It has over 54,000 sq m and can accommodate over 1,000 visitors daily.

You’ll surely get more than what you came for. Dubai always never fails to set high standards, especially for tourist attractions, including cultural centres and libraries. It was built to preserve Arabic culture, heritage, and literature, making it the largest cultural center in the Middle East and North African region.


The floors are divided into sections:

  • Business
  • Children
  • General use
  • Information
  • Maps and atlas
  • Media and arts
  • Periodicals
  • Special collections
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Young adults

Each floor will astound you for its aesthetic and capacity to educate and inspire museum enthusiasts who will find it hard to leave this library since there’s plenty to explore. Book collectors will love this library since it is also home to rare manuscripts or books like the first edition of Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes from the 17th century to the old copies of the Quran.

You can also expect to see a conference centre, literary museum, and a souvenir or gift shop on one of its floors, It also has electronic gaming lounges and an area where it can house monthly authors and other literary events. You’ll definitely think about Dubai mall when you visit since you’ll be doing lots of walking and exploring the area, but it’s definitely going to be one for the books!

 3. It has 9 libraries

The star of the show is none other than the 9 libraries available in the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, and it’s enough to make any bookworm squeal with delight! It houses over 1 million books in over 30 languages, both available in digital or print, so whether you’re into the classics or contemporary books, you can find them in this library!

It also has different collections of Arabic magazines and newspapers, perfect for those brushing up on their Arabic language skills. You can find the emirate library on the sixth floor, which has over 37,000 books that have different genres from UAE authors and international ones.

There’s also a children’s library that is perfect for visitors who will bring their children along, it houses over 17,000 books and also has books that are published in braille and a sensory pod for children who have autism. The library is built not just for book enthusiasts but also for children or people who have deficiencies but still love to learn and read.

This newly opened library took six years to build and opened its doors last June 2022. It’s a billion dirhams library that is named after the current Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid; it has been built as a cultural centre to boost libraries and the literary scene in the emirates along Sharjah’s House of Wisdom.

4. It’s aesthetically pleasing or Instagram-worthy

If you’re looking for a sign why you should visit the Mohammed Bin Rashid library in Al Jaddaf, then you should take a cue from the countless Instagram photos of this library. You’ll never run out of photo sessions once you’re in the area since the place is built to be a sight for sore eyes, starting from the open book on top of a wooden shelf architecture design to the countless artworks and books in the library. 

5. The entrance is free

Yes, you read that right, this billion dirhams library doesn’t have an entrance fee since it’s free; therefore, you can take advantage of this new tourist attraction. You can book your ticket online with their website or app; all visitors can enter the library provided they have booked in advance.

6. You can read the countless books in the library on site

If you’re wondering whether you can borrow books from Mohammed Bin Rashid not at the moment, however, they are working on a paid membership scheme for those who are interested in borrowing books in the future. You can check out their website or app for updates on this part!

7. It has interactive activities and futuristic design

If you ever want to explore Al Jaddaf and find a meaningful way to pass the time, you can visit the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library since it is open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm. You’ll never run out of activities to try in the library since it has artificial intelligence ready to entertain your questions. It houses, aside from books, over 73,000 music scores and 75,000 videos. There’s plenty in store for you to see once you visit!