Top 7 Things You’ll Miss When You Leave Dubai for Good

No matter where you are, whether you have visited Dubai for vacation or have lived and worked in the city for a long time. You’ll never be the same after visiting the city since you’ll find a home in this bustling emirate. Dubai has preceded its reputation of being ultra glamorous and luxurious, but amidst the smoke and mirrors, you’ll miss many things, scenarios, and places in Dubai that don’t involve breaking the bank, and you might not get anywhere.

Dubai is home to Gulf kids, and if you’re someone who has decided to pack things up and go back to your home country or pursue other work opportunities abroad as a digital nomad or no. The UAE, in general, is well-known for its modern and high-tech capabilities within the Middle East and North African region. One of the reasons it’s one of its booming industries is business and tourism since it has everything it can offer that makes people want to stay or come back for more. Here are the top things you will miss in Dubai once you’re no longer in the emirate. 

1. Dubai tourist attractions

If the Eiffel Tower is known in Paris and the Taj Mahal in India, then in Dubai, you’ll miss seeing The Burj Al Khalifa whenever you’re shopping in the Dubai mall or enjoying dinner with your friends Downtown or dining in Instagrammable floral cafes in the city. Dubai is home to countless picturesque and outstanding architectures like The Deira Clocktower, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, Palm, Moon lake, and more.


People from around the world visit Dubai to see famous landmarks that make the emirate irresistible. It’s a safe haven for artists and digital nomads alike since you’ll find lots of cultural centres and libraries sprawling in the city, ready to educate and inspire its tourists or residents, from the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library to Dubai-based coworking spaces.


As time goes by, if you’re a resident of Dubai or have moved around different emirates of the UAE, you’ll realize how much you missed seeing these tourist spots as part of your daily commute or how many memories you have made in the city. So go ahead and capture every moment, eat out and enjoy what the emirate can offer you. There’s no shame in being a tourist in Dubai, even if you’re not! 


2. Arabic music


Every country has a culture and tradition that makes up its identity, and if you’ve been living in Dubai long enough, you’ll miss hearing Arabic music, whether in shops or at parties. It doesn’t matter if you know how to speak Arabic or not since music is a universal language. You’ll learn how to appreciate Arabic music, whether from Nancy Ajram or Balqees Ahmed Fathi. Nothing will make you feel nostalgic or the feels from hearing authentic Arabic music that makes you want to belly dance or feel like a desert flower.


3. Arabic cuisine


The food is one of the main reasons you’ll miss Dubai; if you’re a constant lurker in TikTok and have been hearing the line, Habibi, come to Dubai. Take it as a sign to go back or often visit to eat authentic Arabic food, from mouth-watering shawarmas to Arabic biryanis. You’ll never run out of places or restaurants to eat in the city that will give you a foodgasm. You can go to any middle eastern country to eat Arabic food, but in Dubai, you’ll get a taste of diverse cuisine and the Emirati food scene and culture.

4. Diverse cultures and communities


Dubai is one of the cities that are home to expats from around the world, just like the top multicultural cities like Canada, Singapore, and London. Dubai has long been a hotspot of tourists or people who want to get the best of both worlds, a middle eastern country and, at the same time, a cosmopolitan city where the nightlife and the best things in life are offered. 

Dubai is home to numerous nationalities predominantly from Southeast Asia or any Asian country, followed by the British. The others are a mixture of other races, including the locals or Emiratis. You’ll miss having your community or friends in the city since they will be your family during your stay. In Dubai, you’ll meet new people, work connections, and people from all walks of life that will make your stay memorable.

5. Fully airconditioned bus stops

Dubai can surely be intense during the summer, and the sweltering heat can literally make you fry an egg outside or give you an instant tan if you’re into that kind of thing. You’ll find fully air-conditioned bus stops sprawling all over the city of Dubai and the whole UAE. While you wait, you don’t have to stress much about the heat during your commute. 

Dubai has stepped up its game in catering to its residents, and no doubt, they have come a long way in modernizing and embracing technological advances and improving its city for residents and tourists alike. If you live in the Philippines or somewhere hot like Spain, then you know the real struggle when dealing with the heat when you’re commuting. You’ll miss waiting in Dubai’s fully air-conditioned bus stop shelters.


6. Luxury cars or the lavish lifestyle


One thing you’ll miss in Dubai is seeing the flamboyant lifestyle the rich and famous have in Dubai. You’ll see how normal it is for UAE residents to have luxury cars. You probably have seen countless TikTok videos about Dubai residents having luxury cars or pet tigers. It may be too good to be true, but Dubai has a reputation for its residents enjoying a lavish lifestyle in every sense of the word.


7. Walking distance to malls

Dubai is not shy about having malls, which is why it’s home to luxury brands and boutiques worldwide. You’ll miss the shopping culture in Dubai and visit walking distance malls like Bur Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, where you can see the dancing fountain and Burj Al Khalifa in Downtown, and more!