7 Reasons Why Tech or Crypto-enthusiasts Will Thrive in Dubai

If you’re keen on learning crypto or want to be immersed in the world of bitcoin, crypto, NFT, and the like, then Dubai should be your next stop! Dubai is one of the crypto-friendly hubs aside from Singapore and Canada. OFWs who want to try their hand on Bitcoin and learn the world of digital assets, NFT, and more as a form of side hustle or a change of career path, then look no further since the city can accommodate you. 

The sunny weather in Dubai, luxurious lifestyle and modernization of the city make it the perfect place for crypto or tech-enthusiasts who want to thrive in the cryptocurrency world without the hassle. Here are the top 7 reasons why tech or crypto-enthusiasts should live and work in Dubai!

1. Binance is officially licensed to operate in Dubai

If you’re not aware yet, Binance has finally issued a  license to allow Dubai-based investors. The city has made efforts to innovate and expand its cryptocurrency trading platform, and Binance has now officially helped that cause to work with digital assets and money. It will also help monitor and establish the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority or VARA.

The agency in the Dubai government monitors exchanges, virtual assets, and more since they have established a regulated system for cryptos, which makes it appealing to people who are into crypto or bitcoin. Last September 2022, the Burj Al Khalifa lit up to announce the Binance license with a spectacular light show, and what’s a better way to celebrate that milestone than with the famous skyscraper? 


2. Dubai wants to become a global crypto hub


With its modernization and innovative government regulations, Dubai plans to embrace the future by becoming a crypto hub. With their best response and initiatives during the pandemic, low taxes and a hassle-free business framework made it easier for them to allow tech investment, and one of them is crypto.

 There are no rules regarding crypto assets that couldn’t be traded and deposited or own them, but the central bank of UAE does not recognize them as legal tenders. There are currently 4 bitcoin ATMs in the city that crypto traders can use, RAKBANK partnerships with Kraken will help UAE-based residents to trade their assets with local banks and dirhams currency. Dubai is gearing up to become one of the best global crypto hubs in the world.

3. Dubai uses blockchain for digital transactions


The bitcoin wallet that Dubai is currently using is called BitOasis, and it allows you to buy Bitcoin from local exchanges in the Middle East. If you’re unfamiliar, BitOasis aids most of the biggest cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

This October 2022, Dubai achieved another milestone by being included in the list of the world’s best-performing digital governments. And the city ranked 5th globally among 193 countries while  1st in the Arab World in the Index. They have perfect scores in Service provision, Content provision, and Institutional framework, which gave them the best results in the Local Online Service Index (LOSI) 2022 issued by the United Nations as part of its bi-annual E-Government Survey. This achievement shows that there’s no stopping Dubai from becoming the best city for crypto-enthusiasts and techy people who want to work in the digital world.


4. Dubai hosts countless blockchain and crypto seminars and events


If you’re a huge fan of events and constantly learning about bitcoin or blockchain in general, then Dubai hosts the World Blockchain Summit ( WBS) coming this October 2022, which is all about the Metaverse. Web3, crypto, and more. There are also numerous Blockchain-related events coming to Dubai that crypto-enthusiasts should stay tuned for.

Dubai is a city that welcomes events, seminars, or talks that help enlighten UAE residents and, at the same time, boost its presence in the digital world as one of the forthcoming crypto hubs in the world. Bela Padilla, a Filipina actress and creative, has attended one of the events of Binance to learn more about the trade, and she also met fellow kabayans and, at the same time, enjoyed the magnificent views the city has to offer her.


5. Bitcoin companies in Dubai are booming

With talented crypto enthusiasts living in Dubai, innovative and supportive local government, great tax regulations, outstanding resources, and wealth the city has to launch its Bitcoin initiatives, it has become alluring for investors. Crypto companies or firms are enthusiastic about launching their shops or businesses in the city to offer asset licenses. Dubai will be their home to the headquarters of Exchange Bybit.  Not just that, but Crypto.com, FTX, and Binance are already establishing themselves in the city. 


6. Tech writers are in-demand


Yes, you read that tech writer who can write everything and anything about blockchain and the world of tech and digital are in demand in the city. Plenty of tech firms or crypto firms are in need of writers that will enlighten people or UAE residents about it.

Since it can be confusing and one of the best ways to boost their marketing initiatives is through content marketing, it’s not just solely limited to tech writers, but tech content creators keen on educating their audiences about it. If you’re a writer keen on making an excellent tech career, you should move to Dubai and see endless opportunities! Writers and journalists are already in demand in the city, but the city’s emerging tech industry and bitcoin initiatives pave the way for tech writers to shine.


6. There’s a strong crypto and bitcoin community in the city


Yes, there’s a bitcoin community for Filipinos in Dubai, and you’ll see most of your kabayans attending bitcoin or blockchain events in the city. Many OFWs are keen on learning about trade and digital assets. Last Binance event, the BinanceFilipino joined in and saw many Filipinos who attended the event.

One of the best things about visiting or living in  Dubai is finding a community with your interests, whether books or belly dancing! The bitcoin community in the city can be diverse and colorful, which makes it even more exciting and fun to be with. Crypto people, as the internet calls them, have called Dubai their home and continue to trade and enjoy their lifestyle in the Gulf.