AED 5,000 Fine for Driving without License in UAE

The UAE Public Prosecution has issued a warning to the public against driving without a driving license in the UAE as this could cost them a hefty fine of AED 5,000 when caught by traffic authorities.

It’s a known fact that traffic laws in the UAE are much stricter and diverse as compared to other parts of the world. And since the country is home to hundreds and thousands of expats, the warning not only aims to enforce traffic laws but also to educate residents of what needs to be done and the consequences of failure to do so.

driving without license fine uae

Prosecution Warns Public of AED 5,000 Traffic Fine for Driving without License in UAE

In a tweet, the prosecution pointed out that driving a vehicle without a driving license or with a license that does not match the same type of vehicle is a crime as per the traffic laws in the country.

The reminder, though simple to many, is among those that are most commonly committed in the UAE. Aside from the hefty fine to pay, drivers may also face imprisonment of up to three months.

List of Traffic Violations of at Least AED 3000 Fine

Here is a list of traffic violations that would land you a fine of at least AED 3,000 in the UAE:

  1. Driving a vehicle without a number plate.
  2. Jumping a red signal in a heavy vehicle.
  3. Overtaking from a prohibited place while driving a truck.
  4. Driving a heavy vehicle in a manner which would prove dangerous to the life of the drivers or safety of any other people.
  5. Driving a heavy vehicle in a manner that could cause harm to either public or private properties.
  6. Falling or leaking of a heavy vehicle’s load can also invite a similar fine.
  7. Failing to hand over the driving license to the authorities once the maximum amount of black points have been attained in the third traffic violation.
  8. Causing another person’s vehicle to overturn while driving a heavy vehicle.
  9. Not covering loads while driving a truck.
  10. Transporting hazardous or inflammable materials without permission.
  11. Using leisure bikes (Quad bikes) on the roads.

Meanwhile, in other news, a free taxi service has been introduced inside the Dubai International Airport, as announced on September 18 (Wednesday).

The taxiDXB service will be available to all passengers and will help travelers reach their gates, or simply enjoy the airport, with priority being given to families and the elderly.

Accordingly, a fleet of 15 such taxis is now operating at Terminal 3, B gates, and there are plans to expand this service in the near future.

Driving in the UAE requires strict compliance with traffic laws, but when this is not an option for you, there are so many viable options which you can avail to enjoy the country as well as its cities such as Dubai.

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