Dubai Airports Launches World’s Fastest Free Wi-Fi at 100 Mbps

Despite thousands of passengers passing through everyday, Dubai Airports never fails to provide excellent service. Their latest addition? WOW-Fi, the fastest free Wi-Fi connection in the world. With Internet speeds reaching up to 100mbps, it surpasses Wi-Fi connections in all other airports.

Dubai Airports has launched WOW-Fi, the fastest free wi-fi in the world at 100mbps.
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WOW-Fi “Wows” Passengers with High-Speed Wi-Fi 

“As the biggest international airport in the world, we are at the heart of many journeys across the globe,” shared Michael Ibbitson, Dubai Airports Executive Vice President of Technology and Infrastructure. “To support these travelers, late last year we launched unlimited free high-speed Wi-Fi across our airports, but our goal was to offer something they have never experienced at an airport before.”

Ibbitson explained that through WOW-Fi, passengers can enjoy Internet speeds of up to 100mbps. This will enable them to check emails, upload and download photos, post social media updates, and stay connected with family and friends — quickly and conveniently.

Enhancing Airport Experience for Travelers

According to Ibbitson, they are always looking for ways to enhance the airport experience for their customers. This includes the introduction of new technology and improving existing airport facilities and services.

Plans for installing 6,000 new Wi-Fi access points and upgrading the network infrastructure are underway.

“During the two months since the soft launch of WOW-Fi, the service has been enjoyed by an average of over 100,000 unique users per day,” Ibbitson noted. “We are certain the WOW-Fi experience will impress the 89 million passengers we expect to welcome at DXB in 2017.”

Setting a New Benchmark for Airports

With the launching of WOW-Fi, Dubai Airports has set a new benchmark for airports around the globe. To make sure that the Internet connection remains fast and reliable, plans for installing 6,000 new Wi-Fi access points and upgrading the network infrastructure are underway.

What’s more, Dubai Airports has introduced new web apps that enhance information for travelers. They have also improved Internet links to 5gbps each to ensure the needed bandwidth and resilience.

Staying connected while on travel has never been more fast and easy.

With this latest addition, passing through the city’s airports is now more convenient than ever. If you are traveling anytime soon, you will no doubt enjoy the high-speed WOW-Fi at Dubai Airports. Staying connected while on travel has never been this fast and easy!

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