[VIDEO] Driver Loses Control, Plunges Car into Dubai Creek

On Tuesday night (March 10), a driver in Dubai reportedly lost control of his vehicle and drove into Dubai Creek, a Dubai official confirmed.

According to Lieutenant-Colonel Ali Abdullah Al Qassib Al Naqbi, director of the maritime rescue division at Dubai Police, the command and control center received an emergency call a few minutes before midnight about the incident that took place along Baniyas Street.

Credits: Dubai Police

[Watch] Car Plunges into Dubai Creek, Driver Swims to Safety

Lt. Col Al-Naqbi shared: “A rescue team including divers from Dubai Police was immediately dispatched to the scene and reached the site within four minutes. They secured the driver who had already managed to break out of the sinking car and swim towards an iron ladder to climb back up to the sidewalk,” as shared in a report by Gulf News.

Few minutes after the report has been made, an ambulance reached the site and treated the unidentified Asian driver who suffered minor injuries.

According to on-site rescuers, the car was located 130-meters away from the scene of the accident, noting that the car might have gone at a fast speed leading to the incident.

It is not known, however, if the man had been under the influence while driving or if it was a technical malfunction which resulted in the jarring road accident.  

According to Al-Naqbi, in coordination with the Acting Director of the Port Police Station, Acting Colonel Saeed Al-Madhani, attempts were made to search at night for a vehicle that was washed away by water due to the presence of a sea stream in the Dubai Creek, indicating that divers were able to find it upside down after the water washed away a distance of 130 meters from where it fell.

He continued explaining that in cooperation with the pulling and lifting mechanisms of the General Department of Transport and Rescue, the divers’ team was able to tightly fasten the car, then work to pull it and lift it from the bottom of the creek to the sidewalk.

Lt. Col Al-Naqbi further detailed: “The car was at 37 ft deep. We lifted it out of the water using a police crane.”

It was a good thing that no passersby or other motorists got involved in the accident, and the driver was also brought to safety after the incident happened.

In line with this, Lt. Col Al-Naqbi reminded all motorists to be extra careful while driving and adhere to the traffic instructions to ensure their safety.

Here is a video report shared by the Dubai Police/Twitter:

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