Dubai is the “Most Liveable City” in the Middle East: Survey

Once again, Dubai has topped the list of “most liveable cities” in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, based on a survey by the London-based Economist Intelligence Unit. The cities of Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi ranked second and third, respectively.

The emirate ranked 74th out of 140 cities in the global survey, placing it in the middle in terms of “liveability” ranking. Melbourne remains as the most liveable city in the world, a record it has held for the past seven years. In contrast, war-torn Tripoli and Damascus are among the lowest scorers.

A survey finds Dubai as the “most liveable city” in the region.

Survey Finds Dubai the Best City to Live in the Region

According to the study by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Dubai ranked first in the region because this city:

  • Offers a safe environment for its citizens and residents.
  • Provides well-developed infrastructure due to continuous investment projects.
  • Has greatly improved in terms of culture, education, infrastructure, and stability.

Moreover, the study found that Dubai has shown significant improvement over the last five years. In particular, its hosting of international events places it high in the “culture” category.

Dubai has well-developed infrastructure and state-of-the-art architecture.

Nonetheless, the study also suggested that there is room for improvement, specifically in terms of offering educational and health opportunities for expatriates as well as Emiratis. It also emphasized the continuation of cultural as well as recreational programs.

A Positive Note for Global Liveability

On a global scale, the survey showed that the increase in “liveability” among the world’s cities has been marginal. The average global liveability score today is 74.8 percent, which is lower than 76.1 percent in 2007 — the average score 10 years ago.

The city offers plenty of recreational and cultural activities.

“While the improvement is marginal, it does reflect a positive note for global liveability, which has been beset by mounting instability over the course of the last decade,” explained Jon Copestake, the editor of the survey.

“Many of the challenges to liveability have not gone away; terror attacks have continued and geopolitical posturing has created further international uncertainty,” he added. “Perhaps a turning point has been reached, but liveability levels remain low by historical standards.”

Dubai remains as the best city to live in the region.

These days, living in the city is an exciting yet challenging experience, wherever you go. Still, it’s great to know that we are living in the “most liveable city” in the Middle East. As time goes by, we hope to see Dubai rank high not just in the region, but in the world, too.