Dubai-Opoly: Dubai’s Version of Monopoly Board Game to Promote City Attractions

There’s a new game in town, and it’s all about Dubai. As part of its efforts to promote the city as a global business and tourism hub, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched a brand new board game: Dubai-Opoly.

As the name suggests, Dubai-Opoly is patterned after the popular board game, “Monopoly.” The new game will soon hit the shelves in stores all over the country and the GCC region. It will showcase the city’s most popular landmarks and attractions.

Dubai-Opoly: Dubai’s Version of the Monopoly to Hit Shelves

Dubai-Opoly will soon hit the shelves in stores all over the UAE and the GCC region.
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According to the Dubai Chamber’s President and CEO, Hamad Buamim, they came up with Dubai-Opoly using a creative and innovative approach. He explained that launching the game will help in promoting the city and boosting its international profile.

“Last year, the Chamber received over 600 international delegations and participated in more than 70 events abroad,” Buamim explained. “Dubai-Opoly offers an ideal platform to showcase what Dubai has to offer businesses and tourists, while it also merges these two concepts together in a fun and interactive way.”

The new board game will feature the city’s landmarks and attractions.

What’s more, Buamim shared that the game will appeal to the different segments of Dubai’s society. This is because it will feature popular aspects of residing and doing business in the city. Indeed, a game about doing business and traveling in Dubai? Sounds like fun to me!