Dubai Police Confiscates 255 Bikes in a Week for Traffic Violations

A friendly reminder to all bicycle riders: obey traffic rules, or face the consequences. Recently, hundreds of cyclists learned this lesson the hard way. The Dubai Police confiscated 225 bicycles, as part of a week-long inspection and campaign on safety rules and conditions.

The Deputy Director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, Colonel Jamal Al Bannai, stated that their campaign seeks to reduce the number of accidents that involve bicycle riders. It also aims to spread awareness and remind cyclists to obey safety rules and regulations.

Most of the bicycles were caught and confiscated on high-speed roads.
Image Credit: Dubai Police Official FB Page

Hundreds of Bikes Seized due to Traffic Violations

According to Al Bannai, most of the cyclists were caught along roads where the minimum speed limit is 60kph, like Al Wasel, Umm Suqeim, and Sheikh Zayed roads. “Riding a bicycle on a road which has a minimum speed limit of 60kph or above can confuse and distract motorists,” he said. “Bicycles are not supposed to be used on such roads.”

Here are some of the violations that a bicycle rider may commit on the road:

  • Not wearing safety gear (e.g. helmet, phosphoric jacket)
  • Riding in the direction opposite to the traffic
  • Riding on high-speed roads
Stay alert on the road at all times.
Image Credit: Dubai Police Official FB Page

Safety Tips for Bicycle Riding
Before you ride, make sure that your bicycle is properly equipped. Does it have a light in the front as well as a red light at the back? Also, check to see if the brakes are working properly.

Make sure that your brakes are working properly.

Moreover, in order to stay safe while riding on the road, don’t forget to:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Look before you turn
  • Stay alert all the time
  • Obey all traffic rules
  • Watch out for parked vehicles
Wear a helmet and the proper gear as you ride.

Traffic rules and regulations generally aim to help reduce accidents on the road. Let us remember that they have been put in place for our own safety and well-being. By following the traffic laws, we can do our part in keeping the roads safe, in order, and free from accidents.