Dubai Police Women Sets New Record for Pulling Airplane for 100 Metres

The Dubai Police has set a new world record after a group of 77 service women has successfully pulled A Boeing 777 airliner for 100 metres.

The team of officers came together to join the Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC), an emirate-wide activity which aimed at promoting a more active lifestyle among residents of Dubai.


Dubai Police Hauls in a Guinness World Record by Pulling Airliner for 100 Metres

The exhilarating feat was performed in front of a cheering crowd along with Maj Gen Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police.

The all-female battalion has successfully pulled a 74-metre long, 240-tonne Boeing 777 aircraft with a single yellow rope affixed to the aircraft’s undercarriage for 100 metres .

An official Guinness World Records adjudicator, Pravin Patil, who was present at the event, presented a world record certificate to Maj Gen Al Marri after the feat has been pulled off.

At the event, Maj Gen Al Marri shared that the Dubai Fitness Challenge has raised awareness among residents of Dubai of the importance of physical activity and has gotten more people involved in exercising.

The clever approach of the Dubai Fitness Challenge which has gained support from residents of the emirate by participating in numerous challenges held city-wide has helped achieve its goal year after year, Maj Al Marri added. The DFC has given an important contribution in uplifting the culture of sports within the UAE community.

The event was also graced by Major-General Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Thani, assistant commander-in-chief of ports affairs; Major-General Mohammed Saif Al Zafin, assistant commander-in-chief for operations; Major-General Al Salal Saeed bin Huwaidi Al Falasi, Brigadier-General Mohammed Saeed Bakhit, assistant commander-in-chief of community affairs and facilities; Major-General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, director-general of the department of security, establishments and emergencies, and Jamal Al Hay, vice-president at the Dubai Airports, among others.

Maj Gen Thani praised the efforts of the service women from various offices of the department for their dedication and commitment to the profession through their accomplishments in whatever task assigned to them.

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