Dubai Police to Publish Faces of Violators and Name Them in Public

Previously, we shared the news that anyone who violates quarantine rules in the UAE could end up facing a hefty fine and spending up to five years in prison.

True to their word, the Dubai Police have started arresting not only those who violate the quarantine rules, but also those who make fun of the government’s efforts, such as the “stay at home” campaign. Apparently, some people have been mocking the campaign online.

Dubai Police to Publish Faces of Violators and Name Them in Public
Image Credit: @DubaiPoliceHQ on Twitter

Names and Faces of Violators Published Online

In a radio interview with Dubai Eye 1038 FM, the Director of the Cyber Crime Department at Dubai Police, Colonel Saeed Al Hajeri, stated that they have started to “name-shame,” arrest, and jail people who make fun of the government’s stay at home campaign on social media.

“We have seen many people who are not responsible,” Al Hajeri said. “They don’t follow the humble request from the government and the media to stay at home.”

“The government [has] already invested a huge amount on facilities and infrastructure,” he explained. “And these reckless people are not only not following the order, they also set an example for others to follow their steps. That’s why the leadership decided to take the next level. So we will publish their photos…”

The Dubai Police have started posting pictures of violators on their official Twitter page. On 8th April 2020, they reported about an Asian man who was arrested for mocking police officers on duty in an edited clip online. He has been referred to authorities for further legal action.

The following day, the Dubai Police Twitter page shared about another Asian man who made fun of a government agency by posting a video edited with a “howling wolves” sound effect. He has also been referred to authorities for further legal action.

Earlier today, the Dubai Police Twitter page reported about yet another Asian man, who was arrested for impersonating a security officer and posting the video online. Just like the others, he has been referred to the relevant authorities for further legal action.

By publishing the faces of these violators, the Dubai Police is truly serious about the stay at home campaign. Indeed, the current pandemic is no laughing matter, so we should follow the UAE government’s instructions and cooperate at all times. Here is a list of fines for quarantine violators, so that you can be aware of the penalties awaiting those who disobey the rules.

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