Dubai to Umm Al Quwain Bus Timings

Are you thinking of exploring destinations like the captivating Dreamland Aqua Park in Umm Al Quwain? This renowned water park and resort, the largest of its kind in the UAE, draws in numerous visitors with its thrilling attractions. But before you embark on your adventure, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the Dubai to Umm Al Quwain bus timings.

This information will ensure that your journey is as convenient and enjoyable as your planned activities in this exciting locale. Let’s delve into the details of these bus timings and make the most of your upcoming visit. Read on.

dubai to umm al quwain bus timings
Credits: RTA, Flickr

Nestled on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, Umm Al Quwain boasts a tapestry of coastal mangroves that lend an enchanting touch to its landscape.

These verdant havens, coupled with a cluster of islands to the east, including the expansive Al Seniah, offer a sanctuary for a diverse range of wildlife.

Arabian gazelles, majestic falcons, and tranquil turtles find solace in these unique habitats.

Beyond its natural wonders, Umm Al Quwain presents a playground for adventure enthusiasts and traditional aficionados alike.

From exhilarating sailing escapades to heart-pounding skydiving experiences, the emirate offers an array of recreational pursuits.

Preserving its heritage, Umm Al Quwain also celebrates ancient traditions such as dhow crafting, while embracing the thrill of falconry and camel racing.

Amidst these offerings, the allure of Dreamland Aqua Park stands out as the UAE’s largest water park and resort, beckoning countless visitors to partake in its delights.

So, if you’re ready to plan your trip to this charming emirate, it’s best that you get acquainted first on the travel specifics, such as the bus route and travel time.


Here is the route taken by the RTA bus from Dubai to Umm Al Quwain:



Traveling from Dubai to Sharjah takes around 2 hours via public transport with several stops and transfers. Here’s the route you can take for this trip:

1. Etihad Airways Bus Terminal Dubai

  • Address: Near Etihad Airways HQ, Al Maktoum Rd, Dubai
  • Nearby Landmarks: Etihad Airways Headquarters, Deira City Centre, Al Rigga Metro Station

2. Business Bay (Red Line)

  • Address: Business Bay, Dubai
  • Nearby Landmarks: Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Business Bay Metro Station

3. Deira City Centre (Red Line)

  • Address: Port Saeed, Dubai
  • Nearby Landmarks: Deira City Centre Mall, Dubai Creek, Deira City Centre Metro Station

4. Deira City Center Bus Station (via Bus E307)

  • Address: Deira, Dubai
  • Nearby Landmarks: Deira City Centre Mall, Dubai Creek, Deira Clock Tower

5. Sharjah, Ithihad Road, Ansar Mall

  • Address: Al Nahda, Sharjah
  • Nearby Landmarks: Ansar Mall, Sahara Centre, Al Nahda Park

6. Sharjah, Ithihad Road, Al Safeer Mall

  • Address: Al Nahda, Sharjah
  • Nearby Landmarks: Al Safeer Mall, Sahara Centre, Al Nahda Park

7. Al Wahda Rd, Subway

  • Address: Al Wahda, Sharjah
  • Nearby Landmarks: Sharjah Mega Mall, Al Majaz Waterfront, Al Wahda Park

8. Sharjah, Al Wahda Rd, Al Wahda Center 2

  • Address: Al Wahda, Sharjah
  • Nearby Landmarks: Al Wahda Centre, Sharjah Corniche, Al Majaz Waterfront

9. Sharjah, Al Wahda Road, City Center 1

  • Address: Al Wahda, Sharjah
  • Nearby Landmarks: Sharjah City Centre Mall, Al Majaz Waterfront, Al Noor Mosque

10. King Faisal Road, Jumbo (Sony)

  • Address: Al Majaz, Sharjah
  • Nearby Landmarks: Jumbo Electronics, Al Majaz Waterfront, Khalid Lagoon

11. King Faisal Road, ADNOC Petrol Station

  • Address: Al Majaz, Sharjah
  • Nearby Landmarks: ADNOC Petrol Station, Khalid Lagoon, Al Majaz Park

12. King Faisl Rd, Gold Souq (Old)

  • Address: Al Soor, Sharjah
  • Nearby Landmarks: Central Souq (Blue Souq), Sharjah Heritage Area, Al Noor Mosque

13. Al Jubail Bus Terminal 12

  • Address: Al Jubail, Sharjah
  • Nearby Landmarks: Sharjah Fish Market, Jubail Souq, Sharjah Art Museum

14. Al Jubail Bus Terminal 3 (via Bus 115)

  • Address: Al Jubail, Sharjah
  • Nearby Landmarks: Sharjah Fish Market, Jubail Souq, Sharjah Art Museum

15. Umm Al Quwain, Public transport stop

  • Address: Umm Al Quwain
  • Nearby Landmarks: Dreamland Aqua Park, Umm Al Quwain Corniche, Al Seniah Island

Bus Timings

Here’s a breakdown of the bus timings from Monday to Saturday:

  • Morning Timings (5:40 AM – 7:40 AM): During the early morning hours, the E307 bus operates with a frequency of every 20 minutes. This means that you can catch a bus approximately every 20 minutes between 5:40 AM and 7:40 AM. This is especially helpful for commuters who need to reach their destinations early in the day.
  • Daytime Timings (9:20 AM – 6:20 PM): Throughout the day, from 9:20 AM to 6:20 PM, the E307 bus runs at a slightly extended interval of every 30 minutes. This schedule provides a consistent option for those traveling between Sharjah and Dubai during regular business hours. Whether you’re heading to work, school, or leisure activities, this timetable offers flexibility for your plans.
  • Evening Timings (6:20 PM – 8:00 PM): In the evening hours, specifically from 6:20 PM to 8:00 PM, the E307 bus maintains a frequency of every 25 minutes. This interval provides a convenient option for individuals traveling between the two emirates after work or during the early evening.

It’s important to keep in mind that bus timings may vary based on factors such as traffic conditions and unforeseen delays. Therefore, it’s advisable to arrive at the bus stop a little ahead of the scheduled time to ensure you don’t miss the bus. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to check for any updates or changes to the schedule before you start your journey.

Bus Fare and Payment Methods

E307 Bus Fare from Deira City Centre to Al Jubail: If you’re planning to travel from Deira City Centre to Al Jubail using the E307 bus service, the fare for this journey is 10 AED. This affordable fare provides you with a convenient and budget-friendly option to move between these two destinations. The journey duration is approximately 30 minutes, offering a quick and cost-effective way to get to your desired location.

Route 115 Bus Fare from Sharjah to Ras Al Khaimah: For travelers looking to journey from Sharjah to Ras Al Khaimah which will pass through Umm Al Quwain Public Transport Stop, Route 115 is the main intercity route to consider. This scenic route allows you to enjoy the landscapes while reaching your destination. The entire journey spans approximately one hour and 45 minutes, making it a comfortable option for those who prefer longer rides. The cost of this journey is 27 AED.

Affordable Travel from Dubai to Umm Al Quwain by Bus: Traveling from Dubai to Umm Al Quwain by bus is a cost-effective option, especially when compared to taking a taxi. The bus fare offers significant savings, making it a budget-friendly choice for both residents and tourists.

Nol Cards for Easy Payment: To pay for your bus fare, you’ll use Nol Cards, which are convenient contactless travel cards. These cards can be purchased and recharged at ticket offices located at Dubai Metro stations or bus stations. This user-friendly system allows you to keep your Nol Card loaded with credit, ensuring you’re always prepared for your next journey. With Nol Cards, there’s no need to worry about carrying cash or finding exact change for your bus fare.

No Advance Booking Required: If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to book bus tickets in advance for your Dubai to Umm Al Quwain trip, it’s important to note that advance booking is not available for these bus services. However, there’s no need to be concerned. Buses between Dubai and Umm Al Quwain are frequent, ensuring that you’ll have options throughout the day. Even if a bus appears to be full, rest assured that another one will be arriving shortly to accommodate passengers.

Flexible and Convenient Travel: The availability of frequent buses and the use of Nol Cards contribute to a flexible and convenient travel experience between Dubai and Umm Al Quwain. Whether you’re commuting for work, leisure, or any other purpose, the accessible payment system and regular bus services offer a hassle-free way to travel across the emirates.

Tips When Traveling by Bus from Dubai to Umm Al Quwain

  1. Plan Your Timing: Check the bus timings in advance to align your travel plans with the schedules. Remember the intervals mentioned earlier, especially during peak hours when buses may be more frequent.
  2. Choose the Right Bus Route: Opt for the appropriate bus routes, such as E307, that connects Dubai to Sharjah, then the Bus 115 from Sharjah to Umm Al Quwain. This ensures you’re on the correct path for a smooth journey.
  3. Prepare Your Nol Card: Purchase and load your Nol Card with sufficient credit before your trip. This contactless travel card is the preferred payment option for bus fares. You can recharge it at Dubai Metro or bus stations for a seamless travel experience.
  4. Start from Deira City Centre Bus Station: Begin your journey at Deira City Centre Bus Station in Dubai. This is a major terminal where you can catch the E307 bus to Sharjah.
  5. Enjoy the Scenic Route: As you travel, take in the sights of the emirates along the way. Umm Al Quwain offers picturesque landscapes that you can appreciate during your journey.
  6. Transfers and Stops: If you’re transferring to another bus along the route (e.g., changing to a different route at a specific stop), make sure you’re aware of the transfer points and timings. Refer to the earlier provided guide for the various bus stops and transfer options.
  7. Have Essentials Handy: Carry essentials like water, snacks, a book, or headphones to make your journey more enjoyable. The bus ride offers a great opportunity to relax and unwind.
  8. No Advance Booking Needed: Unlike booking tickets in advance, bus travel from Dubai to Umm Al Quwain doesn’t require pre-booking. Buses run frequently, so you can find a suitable one for your schedule.
  9. Stay Informed: Stay updated about any changes in bus timings or routes. Technology can be your ally here—check online or use mobile apps to get real-time information about bus schedules.
  10. Be Patient and Flexible: Be patient, especially during peak hours, as buses might get a bit crowded. If a bus appears full, don’t worry; another one will be along shortly.
  11. Prepare for the Journey Duration: The bus journey from Dubai to Umm Al Quwain might take a while, so have entertainment or activities to keep you engaged during the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the bus route from Dubai to Umm Al Quwain?

While there is no direct bus route from Dubai to Umm Al Quwain, passengers can travel between these two emirates conveniently by using the E307 bus route. This route offers a well-connected transportation option that links Dubai with Sharjah, allowing travelers to reach Umm Al Quwain by another bus (115) efficiently.

2. How often do buses run between Dubai and Umm Al Quwain?

Buses along the E311 route typically run at intervals of around 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the time of day. The frequency may vary during peak hours and off-peak periods.

3. Where can I find the bus schedule for Dubai to Umm Al Quwain?

You can find the bus schedule for Dubai to Umm Al Quwain at the official website of the RTA or at bus stations. Online apps and journey planner tools can also provide up-to-date information on bus timings.

4. What is the travel time between Dubai and Umm Al Quwain by bus?

The travel time between Dubai and Umm Al Quwain by bus is approximately 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the specific route taken.

5. Are there any stops or transfers along the route?

Yes, there are several stops and potential transfers along the route, including locations such as Sharjah and Ajman. These stops allow passengers to access various destinations within the emirates.

6. Can I use my Nol Card for the entire journey?

Yes, you can use your Nol Card for payment throughout the journey. Nol Cards are accepted for payment on public buses, including those traveling from Dubai to Umm Al Quwain.

7. Can I check real-time bus timings and updates online?

Yes, the RTA provides real-time updates and bus tracking information on its website and mobile app. These platforms help you stay informed about the current status of buses and any potential delays.


As you consider venturing to remarkable spots like the enchanting Dreamland Aqua Park in Umm Al Quwain, it’s wise to prepare for a journey that aligns with your explorations.

This renowned water park, boasting the title of the UAE’s largest of its kind, promises exhilarating experiences that captivate countless visitors.

However, to make your excursion truly seamless, don’t overlook the crucial aspect of understanding the Dubai to Umm Al Quwain bus timings.

By acquainting yourself with these essential details, you’re ensuring that your travel is not only convenient but also harmoniously synchronized with your plans in this vibrant locale.

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