BREAKING: Huge Explosion in Dubai Port

A huge fire has been reported in a container on a ship in Jebel Ali Port. Dubai authorities are working to put out the fire.

“A fire has been reported to have broken out in a container within a ship anchored in Jebel Ali Port. A Dubai Civil Defense team is working to put out the blaze.”

This is a developing story.

Here are the updates so far:

Dubai Media Office latest post: Fire is under control, No casualties reported

“A fire caused by an explosion within a container on board a ship at Jebel Ali Port has been brought under control; no casualities have been reported.”

Dubai Media Office posted a video where emergency teams are trying to put out a fire in Jebel Ali Port:

Below is the post from Dubai Media Office:

As per latest update, so far no injuries have been reported:

Below are posts on social media regarding this incident:

We are glad that Dubai authorities and emergency personnel arrived on the scene quickly and put out the fire efficiently. No casualties have been reported.

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