10 Filipino Finance YouTube Channels to Follow

Financial literacy and being wise about your hard-earned money is a must for every OFW abroad. Therefore it only makes sense for people from all walks of life to educate themselves about personal finances, business, and lifestyle tips that can help them have the dream life they’ve always been dreaming of, since not all the time they will be OFW’s working abroad.

We chose these top 10 individuals or personal finance influencers based on their experiences and advices that can serve as inspiration on your financial freedom and journey. If you ever need some advices or helpful tips on how to curb your spending habits or business ideas to use put your savings to good use, you can always watch these influencers online, to help you out!

1. Janice Germano Sabitsana (Pinay Investor)

Janice, a former business process outsourcing (BPO) employee, has over 51,000 YouTube subscribers and makes instructional videos for them on banking, investing, finance, and self-improvement. She doesn’t just give the run-of-the-mill instructions; she also offers money-saving tips and advice for parents. If you want some good, down-to-earth advice, such as how to budget your 13th month’s pay or how to use the envelope system, she’s your gal.

 2. Tyrone Solee of Millionaire Acts

Blogger Tyrone Solee’s path to financial independence is an inspiration. He began his savings at age 21 and his bond investments a year later, when he was fresh out of college. He accomplished what most twentysomethings could only hope for by living cheaply, paying himself first, and investing in UITFs, and became a millionaire at the age of 26. Read Millionaire Acts, Tyrone’s blog, for information on investing, starting a business, and cutting costs.

3. Randell Tiongson

Randell Tiongson is one of the most well-known figures in the field of personal finance, so he may already be familiar to those who have been studying the subject. He has worked in banking, mutual funds, and insurance for the better part of three decades. To discuss investment patterns in the Philippines, he frequently teams up with other experts, such as Tony Herbosa, chairman emeritus of Philstocks. The way money is viewed is crucial. According to Randell’s blog, we “should not view it as something to depend on but as a means to an end.”

4. Marvin Germo

Financial consultant, speaker, and certified financial planner Marvin Germo. The “Stock Smarts” book series he wrote is a best-seller. He has also served as a resource for Moneymax’s blog posts by sharing his knowledge as an expert.

5. Charm De Leon of Ready2Adult Ph

Charm De Leon of Ready2Adult PH is one of the local YouTubers who is a great representation of the tenacity and drive of today’s young adults. As a speaker, entrepreneur, content creator, and co-founder of a number of businesses, Charm has 11 active and passive income streams at the present time. She writes about saving money, investing in the stock market, cryptography for beginners, and monetizing a YouTube channel, among other things. You can also read topics about adulting and everything in-between!

6. Pinky De Leon-Intal of My Finance MD

My Finance MD is a personal finance blog written by Dr. Pinky De Leon-Intal that provides readers with a wealth of useful information and advice about personal finance every month. Pinky has dual credentials as a doctor and a certified financial planner. Financial planning, insurance, retirement, and estate planning are just some of the many topics she addresses in her blog. As a medical professional, her expertise shines through when she discusses such topics as health insurance, life insurance, and PhilHealth benefits in her writing.

7. Nicole Alba

Twenty-one-year-old Nicole Alba launched her YouTube channel because she had a gift for breaking down intimidating financial concepts into manageable chunks. She has a video series on cryptocurrencies that even a novice understands of digital tokens will find helpful. Nicole’s channel is great if you enjoy having complex financial concepts simplified for you with a dash 

8. Thea Sy Bautista 

Thea, a former corporate worker, uses her harrowing experience in lending money as fodder for her YouTube channel, where she discusses “adulting” issues like renting, budgeting, and insurance. Thea recently vlogged about how she recovered financially from a setback in 2017 and made her first million dollars a few years later. Thea, a self-proclaimed “numbers nerd,” provides her mailing list members with useful tools, such as spreadsheets she has created for budgeting, calculating net worth, and general financial planning (complete with formulas and all the trimmings).

9. Chinkee Tan

Chinkee Tan is a popular financial blogger, coach, speaker, author, TV/radio host, and media personality with close to two million Facebook followers. At the tender age of 12, he started selling toilet paper to his classmates to help support his financially unstable parents. The desire to help others become debt-free and independent financially compelled him to share the wealth of knowledge he had acquired in the business world.

Chinkee is an educational resource in the realm of personal finance, as demonstrated by his informative blog. His blog posts are written in simple, colloquial Filipino, setting him apart from the majority of Philippine financial bloggers. Furthermore, they are meant to provoke reflection and provide motivation rather than merely impart information.

10. Fitz Villafuerte of Ready To Be Rich

Fitz Villafuerte, one of the earliest and most prominent Philippine financial bloggers, is a former civil engineer who decided to pursue a career in freelancing. Now a full-time entrepreneur and certified financial planner, he was recently recognized alongside the likes of the late Senator Edgardo Angara and ex-Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Governor Amado Tetangco as one of the most influential people in personal finance.  Ready To Be Rich is Fitz’s blog where he discusses his experiences in business, investments, and personal finance. The Philippine Blog Awards named it the Best Business Blog in 2010. 

His older posts on personal finance have attracted a large number of comments from his readers (mostly young urban professionals from the Philippines). When readers leave comments on Fitz’s blog, he usually responds to them. In addition, it has amassed more than a hundred thousand Facebook fans.