UAE Supports International Efforts against Human Trafficking

The UAE is home to millions of expats hailing from various parts of the world. And in the spirit of the country’s humanitarian values, the national government has prioritised its efforts to combat human trafficking, which has surpassed basic legislative requirements, by caring for victims and countering the negative effects of the crime.

The UAE, in this regard, stands by its ethical and humanitarian values, especially tolerance, equality and rule of law. The UAE has firmly countered attempts to undermine human rights, regardless of religion, race or language.

UAE Throws Support to International Efforts against Human Trafficking
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

UAE Gov’t Joins International Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking

In observance of the annual World Day against Trafficking in Persons on July 30, the United Nations, UN, has called on international communities to counter human trafficking crimes, as shared in a report by WAM.

For its part, the UAE government stands by its belief that human trafficking is a despicable crime and is committed to working to combat this inhumane practice in any form.

Of note, the UAE national government has strengthened its efforts on every element of its Five Ps strategy to combat human trafficking – Prevention, Prosecution, Punishment, Protection and Promotion (of international cooperation).

Since the government first officially acknowledged this problem, it has consistently and continuously improved its efforts to limit the crime, as well as adhered to international standards and best practices shared by convening ally nations against this crime.

Furthermore, the UAE reaffirms to cooperate with all appropriate regional and international law enforcement officials to apprehend, prosecute and punish those violating the UAE’s human trafficking law and those attempting to use the country as a channel to violate anti-trafficking laws of other countries.

As per Emirati authorities, these are the indictors that the UAE is committed to becoming a model for change in the region and an active member of the international community. It continues to welcome direct discussion and collaboration with other governments, public or private sector groups, or international organisations that share the vision of curtailing the tide of human trafficking.

Additionally, Emirati leaders have looked after the welfare of human trafficking victims, including shelters for human trafficking and sexual abuse victims.

Social support centres in Abu Dhabi under the supervision of the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police provide integrated care for human trafficking victims, in cooperation with relevant institutions, such as the General Department of Human Rights in Dubai, and the Dubai Police.

Recognizing these efforts empower authorities of the achievements that they have worked hard for, and show the rest of the international community just how committed and how far countries such as the UAE have invested their resources, time, and effort in thwarting global issues such as human trafficking among others.

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