Man Throwing Money for Social Media, Arrested by Dubai Police

A man was arrested by Dubai Police after posting a video footage of himself throwing money for social media. In a post by the official Facebook Page by the Dubai Police, authorities have warned residents to use social media responsibly and avoid posting items that may go agains the values, cultures, and traditions of the UAE.

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In the same post, the man admitted that he wanted to gain popularity on social media. Below is the said post from the Facebook page of Dubai Police:

Dubai Police Arrests Man for Throwing Money on Street

#DubaiPolice have arrested an Asian man after sharing a video on social media in which he threw money. Dubai Police CID’s Department of Electronic Investigation investigated the incident.
The Asian man admitted posting the video to gain popularity on social media.

Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, Director of Security Media Department at #Dubai Police, urged the public to use social media responsibly. Colonel Al Qasim urged social media users to avoid actions that may go against local values, cultures, and traditions.