Dubai to Issue Boarding Tickets for Illegal Residents

Important news for illegal residents in Dubai, there will be a new project in 2020 by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA) wherein those who have expired visas, are overstaying, or those without a visa and staying in the UAE illegally.

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boarding tickets illegal residents

GDRFA to Launch Boarding Pass Project for Deportees

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, GDRFA, will launch a new project early next year, the first of its kind in the world, in cooperation with DUBZ powered by Dnata, which aims to complete travel procedures for violators of the entry and residence law in a modern and smart way and enables the department to build an ideal data reference for inmates.

“The world’s first boarding pass for violator inmates is considered one of the distinctive projects in the UAE, as it is a major shift in the field of providing services in accordance with the wise leadership to aid all segments of society living in the UAE, including inmates who may be distracted, and in line with the international status that the UAE occupies in all regional and international forums,” said Major General Mohammed Al Marri.

Al Marri explained that this project aims to facilitate and simplify procedures for inmates to leave the country.

Pointing out that the boarding pass project itself exists in a number of countries, he said that what distinguishes the UAE and Dubai, is that this is the first global project for violators.

Brigadier Khalaf Al Ghaith, Assistant Director-General of the follow-up sector of violators and foreigners in GDRFA Dubai, said that the procedures are carried out in cooperation with DUBZ by Dnata, which is located at the centre for harbouring violators, to provide a check-in service for all violator inmates, such as issuing a boarding pass and baggage allowance, and then transferring it to the airport.

This enables inmates to go directly to the passport control counter, and then directly to the boarding gate. He pointed out that the GDRFA Dubai will hand over passports in advance to DUBZ, or a travel document issued by the embassy or consulate for the violator inmates.